Sunglasses // my must have

Hi Babes,

Anyone that follows me on social media knows that in 90% of my pictures I am wearing sunglasses, usually gold aviators. Sunglasses are my absolute must have accessory and they go with me wherever I go. (even if it’s raining)

One of the things I love about sunglasses is that since there are so many different styles, everyone can find a pair that suits their face shape. You can get a pair for $5 or $400, fitting into almost everyone’s price range.

Like I mentioned above, a signature look of mine is gold Ray-Ban aviators, but I keep a couple of different pairs around to go with different looks.


Now that summer is here, the perfect pair of shades are pretty much essential for all of your outdoor activities and Instagram pics by the pool.

In my opinion, sunglasses add at least two points to anyone’s attractiveness, just please don’t wear them at night or indoors unless you want to look like a tool and/or let us all know you are hungover.

I’ve included some links below of my favorite places to sunglasses-shop.

Happy Summer!


dress well. eat well. live well.





Sunglasses Hut


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