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Hey Babes,

I’m sure you all have heard the saying “history repeats itself,” and the fashion world is no exception to this rule. Remember when we brought back the neon of the 80’s in 2009? I know I definitely do.

Now we’re seeing trends from the 90’s and early 2000’s make our way into the 2010’s, making a kid like me who grew up on Lisa Frank and Lizzie McGuire super nostalgic. Seriously, who would have thought anyone would wear anything but skinny jeans ever again?

Even though there’s several trends from this decade resurfacing, I’ve showcased my top three.


First: chokers. This is probably my all-time personal favorite trend that’s making a comeback. I always had a thing for chokers, and I know the goth girl that’s still deep down inside of me somewhere is happy they’re back.

_DSC0091 (2)
My Look:                                                                                      Black Choker (set of three) – Spencer’s – $13                    Black Thermal – Old Navy – $20                                         “Stunner” Lipstick – MAC – $17

A lot of times when trends make a comeback, they’re modified to be more modern. But 2016 chokers, especially the tattoo ones, don’t seem to be modified too much, which makes for extra nostalgia.

2. Overalls

I think the last time I wore a pair of overalls was in first grade, and after elementary school I thought I’d only be wearing them again if I needed to dress up like a farmer or a hillbilly. Well the denim one piece is back, in shorts, pants, black, white, and of course, the classic blue.

_DSC0016 (2)
My Look:                                                                        Denim Overalls – H&M – $40                                    Striped Crop Tank Top – American Eagle – $20  “Diva” Lipstick – MAC – $17

Overalls are awesome because you will look cute in almost no matter what you choose to wear as an under shirt. You only have to worry about looking trashy if you don’t wear anything under them. The only downside is using the bathroom, but hey, it pays to look good.

3. Denim Mini Skirts

The denim mini is a classic. You can probably find at least one picture of every celeb in the 90’s rocking this trend. And why not? It’s cute and feminine. The only problem was making school dress code, especially if you were tall. Ugh. The good news is you get a second chance, hopefully without getting sent home for “length” this time.

_DSC0050 (2)
My Look:                                                                           Button-down Denim Mini Skirt – TJ Maxx – $17               White Floral Crochet Top – Caroline Hill – $30                 Gray Bralette – Victorias’s Secret PINK –  $25                    Parker Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors – $275                “Flat Out Fabulous” Lipstick – MAC – $17

Among these, bootcut jeans, funky colored hair, bandannas, polaroids, fanny packs, and Birkenstocks are all making their way from the 90’s/00’s into 2016. I think the only thing that would make me happier is Disney Channel bringing back all of their original movies, or at least putting them on Netflix.

I’m crossing my fingers for that one.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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