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Hey Babes,

Whether we like it or not, part of being an adult is having a job. Even though I’m not currently working, I have had a few jobs in the past, some I liked more than others. Because fashion is one of the things I’m passionate about, I love to express myself through what I wear.

When I worked at Urban Outfitters, I could wear whatever I wanted, which was awesome for showing off my style.  But, when I worked as a server at a country club, I was required to wear this tuxedo outfit that was pretty restricting. Luckily, the look policy wasn’t as restricting as the black polyester pants and maroon button up, so I could still express my personal style through things like accessories.

If you feel like your job is holding you back from expressing yourself, here are some things you can wear to add a little ‘you’ into your uniform, if your job allows it.

  1. Headbands

Headbands come in all kinds of materials and patterns, from thick cloth with Aztec designs to a thin black plastic piece. A lot of times I would go for a preppier look with a pony tail and the classic style headband on top of my head to hold my bangs back. When I wanted to cover my roots I would wear a white cloth headband over my hairline. My every day style also tends to include a lot of headbands that go around the forehead, which is just another of many options when it comes to this accessory. For a makeshift headband, try rolling a bandanna or using a ribbon.

2. Earrings

Earrings are another one of those things that come in several styles. Studs, hoops, feathers, and there’s even objects like keys for you edgier babes. I’m personally not a big earring wearer myself, but they are so much fun and can definitely add to your boring uniform. Just be sure that the ones you wear aren’t so huge that they become a hazard or keep you from doing your job properly.

_DSC0311 (2)
  1. Makeup

While working at the country club, one of my signature things was the red lipstick I wore every day. Makeup is great for adding more of yourself into your uniform, especially because each individual has their own ‘look’ and techniques. Even if two people do the cat eye liner, bold eye shadow, and bright lipstick, they aren’t going to look exactly the same, which is pretty awesome.

_DSC0224 (2)

4. Watches/Bracelets

Another one of my signatures, is my gold Michael Kors watch. I usually paired it with a couple of Alex and Ani’s and a couple of other random bracelets. Since my uniform was long sleeved, I didn’t always get to show them off, but it’s still cute regardless. You can wear one or ten, but I recommend a combination that doesn’t make a lot of noise and doesn’t constantly get in the way.

_DSC0212 (2)

5. Rings

Rings are so fun, because you can either wear one chunky one or stack a bunch on different fingers. My favorite is wearing them on my thumb or pointer finger. If they aren’t “real” gold or silver, make sure to take them off every night so your finger doesn’t turn green, yuck.

_DSC0131 (2)
_DSC0159 (2)

6. Nails

If your job allows you to wear nail polish, it’s the perfect thing for expressing yourself and even the season. You can wear black on Halloween, red and green on Christmas, and make cute designs. Along with rings, nails are perfect to decorate if you’re in a field such as serving, wear people will constantly see your hands.

Right now I have coffin shaped acrylics, but I could not imagine being a server with them because I’d probably break them all in one day. However I have seen plenty of servers doing their job perfectly with long acrylics, so if you can do it more power to you!

_DSC0160 (2)

I hope you guys are able to incorporate some of these things into your work uniform. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this in all the jobs I’ve had requiring a uniform. Abercrombie and Fitch has a pretty strict look policy, they even told me my hair was “too platinum” one day. But if you work there you have some leeway on the clothes you can wear, so I could still put my own outfit together.

I hope any future jobs I have aren’t super strict either, because expressing myself is important to me.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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