Hair // from blonde to silver

Hey Babes,

So I’ve been bleach blonde for about seven years, at this point, it’s just part of my identity. Although lately, I have been getting bored with going for JUST a root touch up every four weeks, and I feel like I needed to change something.


But, no matter how basic and boring the root touch ups got, I never even considered going another color. It didn’t matter how many people told me I look better with my natural color or what trend was in for the season.

For some reason, I do really dig the silver/gray look that’s in right now. That trend I did consider, but I knew I just couldn’t give up being blonde. Eventually, I figured out how to get the best of both worlds by doing a silver ombre at the bottom of the blonde, but it just kept fading so fast.

Even with the darkest tone, it was still practically gone within two washes. I debated how going all-silver would look, and if I was ready for that kind of change. I also had the option to do the ombre with gray, which according to my stylist gives it a matte look. I also thought about doing silver or gray highlights, but at my latest hair appointment, something inside of me caused me to ask my stylist just to go for it.

At first I was super nervous and I didn’t know if I could handle it, but I’m obsessed with the turnout. I really love the look it gives me. My camera roll is full of selfies right now.

I can’t lie, it is really different and I miss my platinum hair already. It’s definitely something to get used to. I’ll probably also need to adjust my makeup routine, because I have a feeling I’ll look somewhat gothic with bold black eyeliner.

I’ll eventually go back to blonde, but in the meantime I’m going to have some fun with silver.

Tips for maintaining silver/gray hair: 

  • Wash as little as possible – dry shampoo is your best friend!
  • Avoid chlorine, excessive sunlight (if possible), and heat products
  • When you do wash, use a violet shampoo
  • Dye it darker than what you want because it will fade
  • If you dye it yourself, be careful not to over-process. You’ll end up with purple hair.
  • Condition!
  • Get a touch up every 4-6 weeks

Note: If you currently have dark hair, you’ll need to lighten it several shades before attempting to turn it silver/gray

dress well. eat well. live well.



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  1. I recently went vibrant neon purple so I understand how the change can take a little getting use too. But I’m finally starting to love it.. And learning that not all colors go with purple when picking outfits. 😊

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