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Hey Babes,

The perfect outfit is just part of the equation when I want to look my best. After I’ve searched my closet for an hour, I still have hair and make up to worry about, ugh.

Over the years I’ve been through probably hundreds of different beauty products, some I like more than others. So for this post, I’ve compiled a list of my faves right now.

  1. Contouring Palettes

Contouring suddenly became the biggest trend in make up, and if you can perfect your contour, you will SLAY. I’ve only had a few palettes myself, so I only have those and all the time spent with the trial products in Sephora to compare to. But, even if there are better palettes out there, these ones do not disappoint.

When doing my contouring routine, I use two different ones: the MAKE UP FOREVER Pro Sculpting Duo and the Tarte Tarteist Contour Palette.

The MAKE-UP FOREVER compact has an unbelievable highlight. It’s super shiny, goes on well, and you don’t need to cake it on to notice it, unlike a few other highlighters I’ve tried. However, the contour side isn’t as awesome, it has a little bit of an orange undertone and a shine to it. That’s why I use the Tarte palette when I’m ready to contour.

The highlighter is more subtle, but the contour shades are a perfect matte dark brown. There’s even two for different skin tones! Plus, the Tarte palette includes blush, correcting, and glow shades. And if you’re a beginner, don’t worry because Tarte also included a guide suggesting wear to apply each color.

2.Contouring Brush

Take it from me, contouring IS possible to do with your fingers. I was using my hands for the longest time, until I used a Groupon and bought a 24-piece make-up brush set. Those brushes were okay, and actually worked really well for how cheap they were. But then I invested in The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush from Tarte, and my life was changed forever.

With the contouring brush from the other set, you had to really press and spend a lot of time to apply and blend. I immediately noticed a difference with the Tarte brush. It’s really soft, and make-up goes on exactly how I want it to in one swipe. Not to mention it’s double sided for blending, making things easier for everyone.

  1. Breast Milk Soap

This is probably going to freak a lot of you out, but I wash my face with soap made with breast milk. Everyone gets weirded out when I tell them, and honestly I was a little too at first when I came across the booth at a festival for local vendors here in Tallahassee, FL.

One of the girls who was selling it claimed it did wonders for her acne, and I sort of thought she was just trying to make a sale, but I went ahead and bought some anyway. Turns out, she wasn’t just trying to make a sale, I’ve suffered from acne for years and have tried everything, not even Accutane worked.

After using this soap, my face is basically clear, minus acne scarring and the occasional PMS or stress pimple. One of the best things about this soap is that it’s all natural, and my face even just feels fresher after just one wash.

Out of everything on this list, I probably recommend this one the most, especially if you’re trying to improve your skin.

Check it out, along with some other unique products at Sudsy Addictions

  1. MAC Lipsticks

I know, MAC is one of the most overrated make-up brands there is. But for someone whose outfit isn’t complete without lipstick, it’s annoying when you constantly have to touch it up. I can wear MAC lipsticks all-day, only having to touch up if I ate a burger or something.

My favorite shades are Stunner, Diva, and Flat Out Fabulous, but there’s so many more I haven’t discovered. I just wish I would’ve known about these when I was a server because I always looked like a clown by the end of the night.

Click HERE to find your favorite shade!

  1. Macadamia Natural Oil Shampoo

I feel like my hair is always dry, mostly because my hair is bleached. Using these Macadamia Natural Oil hair products makes my hair feel stronger, thicker, soft, and smell good.

I use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner, when I wash my hair every few days, and the deep repair masque once a week. I’d say the deep repair masque is what really makes a difference.


This brand also makes other products like healing oil and curl enhancing sprays. It’s not hard to find either. You can get it at Publix, CVS, Target, Ulta, or select salons.

Find your nearest retailer HERE

  1. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret has tons of fragrances, my shelf is stocked with various body sprays because it’s so hard to pass up a 5 for $30 sale. My favorite scent from them, and of all time, is Very Sexy.

I can’t describe the scent, but according to the description, it’s contains vanilla orchid, clementine, and blackberry. Unlike a lot of fragrances, you can get it in a perfume, spray, body wash, lotion, and even a travel size.


I don’t know why I love this scent so much, but it’s definitely my go-to. I’ll be really upset if it’s ever discontinued.

Shop the line HERE

Choosing the items for this list was tough, because there’s so many beauty products I’m in love with and there’s no way I could write about them all. I already feel like this list is on the longer side.

On the bright side, there’s a really good chance I’m going to make another ‘beauty favorites’ post in the next couple months since I’m addicted to shopping and always discovering new products.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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