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Hey Babes!

There’s two times a year where it seems like everyone and their mother is traveling: Christmastime and summertime. I feel like I haven’t left the state of Florida in forever, which makes me even more excited to go on a cruise with my closest friends in August.

Even though I’ve already started thinking about what I want to bring, I know I won’t start until the night before I’m supposed to leave. Not only am I a procrastinator, but I’m a huge over-packer. I’m not exaggerating when I say I will bring eight outfits for a two day trip.

Obviously I’m going to have to leave some things behind if I want to make the fifty pound limit, there AND back, so I’ve highlighted a few items that are essential for my travels. Without these, I would feel completely lost.

  1. Sunglasses

I dedicated one of my first posts to sunglasses because they are my number one essential no matter where I’m going, so I’m definitely going to make sure I don’t forget them on my cruise. Assuming you’re going to be traveling somewhere sunny, you won’t want to forget your shades either. With the sun being out of your face, it’ll be easier to site-see and you won’t have to squint to try to read the paragraph of information in front of that famous building. Plus, you’ll just look cooler.

  1. A Hat

Whether it be a baseball, trucker, floppy, or bucket hat, this is another essential you’re going to want to keep the sun out of your face. However, you might not want it if you can’t risk hat hair or on a day that’s super windy.

  1. Camera

In this age of social media where we document everything we do down to eating, traveling is no where near left out. Our smart phones have cameras, but in case something happens to it, or your storage gets full, I suggest bringing an actual camera along with you. It can be a DSLR, digital, or even an old-school disposable camera. I know I’m going to be bringing my Lomography camera, but I’m also going to see if I can snag a Polaroid before I leave. If you’re doing something extra cool, video it with a GoPro.

  1. Mini Backpack

While vacationing, you aren’t going to want to make several trips back to your room to grab a few things. And at the same time, you don’t want to lug around a gigantic bag, and if you did, everyone would be annoyed when you make several stops when you need something. Your solution? A mini backpack! Choose one that isn’t going to wear you down, but will still be able to fit your wallet, keys, phone, camera, make up, towels, snacks, and whatever else you need for the day. But if you’re going to Europe, be aware of pick pocketing.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

I’m assuming you’re out of town because you want to have fun and explore another place, not sit in your hotel room all day. If that’s the case you’re most likely going to be doing a lot of walking, and in hot weather. Wear comfortable shoes that give your feet support, or you’ll hate yourself. Also, if you bought a pair of shoes specifically for this trip, make sure you break them in ahead of time.

Aztec Slip-on’s: Kohl’s
  1. Versatile Pieces

Longer trips can be a little bit harder to pack for especially when there’s a fifty pound limit. But whether you have a weight limit or not, a lot of clothing is still a hassle and a lot to keep track of. Try to pack a couple of pieces that can be worn different ways. While some items are universally versatile, everyone may have different items that are versatile within their personal wardrobe. For me, these are high waisted shorts, a striped shirt, and a white crop. I’ve had this striped shirt for years, but that’s because I can always find something new to wear with it.

High Waisted Shorts: Kohl’s Cropped Bull Tank: Oceanography Headband: Publix
High Waisted Shorts: Kohl’s White V-neck: Target Red Bandanna: Michael’s
Striped Shirt: H&M Black High Waisted Shorts: MiMi’s Statement Necklace: Forever 21
Striped Shirt: H&M Red Skirt: Forever 21
White Crop Top: Forever 21 Aztec Skirt: Forever 21 Brown Fossil Bag: Dillard’s
White Crop Top: Forever 21 Bullhead High Rise Skinny Jeans: Pacsun Necklace: Target
  1. At Least One Nice Outfit

No matter how much of your days you have planned out, anything can still happen. You might discover a dinner show you want to check out where the attire is a little more formal. Good thing you packed that cocktail dress just in case right? Right. Even though I’d probably need to pack a few nicer outfits anyway for dinners on my cruise, they’re a good thing to have in case I meet a cute boy or something. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.

Black Slip Dress: Received as a Hand-Me-Down

I know with these things in my suitcase, my week in the Caribbean will be paradise. Where are you traveling to this summer? Or where do you wish you were traveling to?

I hope all my fellow American babes have a great Independence Day weekend!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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