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For some reason, I always seem to get hit up with last minute plans. Like “we’re leaving in 15” last minute. I can easily do my hair and makeup quickly if I have to, the only thing I ever have trouble with is picking out an outfit.

When I know I have plans, I usually plan my outfit hours ahead of time because it takes me so long to do so. I’ve gotten better at figuring something out when I “have absolutely nothing to wear,” so here’s some tricks that help me when I’m at a dead end in my closet.

  1. Think about what you want to wear

Are you feeling a dress? Leggings? Shorts? Deciding what you want to wear can help you narrow your choices and make it easier to put something together. It also helps to think about the atmosphere of where you’re going , the weather, or what kind of look you want, especially if you have no idea what you’re in the mood for.

  1. Pick something to build around

Have a new top or necklace you’ve been dying to wear? Use it as a foundation and build an outfit around it. Sometimes it’s easier to think about what would go with a pink skirt instead of starting from scratch.

  1. Coordinate

If you picked out something to build around but still have no idea where to go, try deciding on a color or pattern that would match. Have a bright purple maxi? Try going for a white or gray top. With that in mind, it’ll be easier to find something perfect.

  1. Utilize accessories

A plain shirt and jeans can be super boring, until you add a necklace, some bracelets, headband, or all of the above. Don’t overdo it though, in my opinion accessories can make or break your outfit.

  1. Research

Google, Pinterest, and Polyvore are great ways to get outfit inspo. You can find general outfits or outfits with specific items. I have a whole Pinterest board for inspiration that I look at when I have no clue what to wear.

This is how I come with probably at least 80% of my outfits, even if I’m not short on time. I also have a dress that I deemed my “go-to dress” for a last resort, which has saved me many times.

As a side note, this is an exciting day for me because I started Style Babe exactly a month ago and it has already been a lot more successful than I thought it would. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with it, but so far so good.

I want to thank all my readers for a successful month, and hopefully a lot more.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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