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I’ve decided to dedicate one post a month to something beauty related. July’s post is going to feature beauty blenders, and why you should splurge on an Original Beautyblender.

Beauty blenders are the raging makeup tool right now. I didn’t even know what a beauty blender was until I got one for free at a school retail event. After I did some research I discovered that knockoff beauty blenders are supposedly nothing compared to the original beauty blender. I didn’t really think there could be such a major difference, everyone always says originals are better.
Well last time I went home, I found out my sister had an Original Beautyblender. After trying hers out, I went to Sephora and got one for myself. The difference is so crazy I just had to make a post comparing them.
I’m not sure about other replicas, but the one I have is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and this is how it compares to The Original Beautyblender.

_DSC0829 (2)
The Original Beautyblender
_DSC0841 (2)
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

1. The feeling
As soon as I touched my sister’s beauty blender, I noticed an instant difference. The Original Beautyblender is so much softer, and when you roll it around in your hand, it’s really smooth and feels sort of like putty.

The Real Techniques sponge is a lot rougher. It’s almost like comparing a dish sponge and a pillow.

2. The shape
The Original Beautyblender is round on the bottom with a pointed top, however while the Real Techniques sponge also has a pointed top, the bottom is flat and slanted on one side.

I’m not really sure how or if this affects application and blending, but for me personally the slant makes it easier to apply BB cream and foundation.

3. Wear and Tear
I have had the Real Techniques sponge a lot longer than I’ve had the original beauty blender, but even after a few uses my Real Techniques sponge started getting cracks in it.

I’ve had the original for about a month and a half and so far no cracks or anything. I’ll see if that changes, but even when I saw my sister’s it didn’t have cracks either, and she’s had it for longer than a month.

The original is also easier to clean. It’s clean in one wash while I have to rinse and repeat with the Real Techniques sponge. This cleaner made for Beautyblenders is awesome too.

4. Application
I’ve found that with the Real Techniques sponge, I have to press and go over my skin a couple of times until everything is blended to my liking. I thought that was normal until I used the original and I only had to press lightly and it blended so much faster.

It was hard for me to capture it in a picture, but the Real Techniques sponge does ok for applying foundation and concealer, but I feel like the original gives more coverage with the same amount of product.


However when blending my highlight and contour, the Original Beautyblender wins. You have to put a lot more work into blending with the Real Techniques sponge and the result is not as even and splotchier than the original. I tried my best to get a decent picture of the contour, but I still don’t think this does it justice.

collage-2016-07-18 (1)

I would say this is something you need to experience for yourself. There’s a reason the Original Beautyblender won allure’s best of beauty award six times. It’s one of a kind, and copies can’t compare. I am in no way a beauty guru, but I think this is something worth the investment.

I know the beauty blender changed my make up routine forever!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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  1. I bought a fake beauty blender on eBay to test out the difference between the original! And you can honestly tell! The quality of the original was so much more softer and bouncy and the fake was so firm and big! I haven’t found one to beat the original yet 💕

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