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Hey Babes,

I’m always up for a night on the town, but sometimes I just want to stay in and relax. If the weather is really bad, going bar hopping might be more miserable than fun anyway. But nights in can be just as fun as nights out, especially if they’re with your closest friends.

Staying in doesn’t have to be just sitting around talking and eating with a chick flick playing in the background, there are plenty of activities that will make you and your friends glad you decided not to go out. Some of them may even make you feel like a tween at a sleepover again.

If you’re thinking about hosting a GNI (girl’s night in) soon, or you’re having a spontaneous night in and need something to do, here’s some ideas that will make your night anything but boring.

1. Dress Comfortably
Before you can do anything, you have to get dressed. The good thing about staying in is you can wear whatever you want! You don’t have to get all dolled up to chill in your living room.

You can wear something fancy if you want, but you should give yourself a break and wear your favorite pajamas. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and feel free. If you want some pictures for Instagram, you can still look cute by wearing prints, graphics, and coordinating colors.

My choices for a GNI would be a loose fitting sweater, sweatpants or track pants, or something that makes a statement to show my personality. For me it’s the looser the better. I definitely prefer wearing pants or shorts no matter what because I’m someone that likes to sit with my legs in funky positions.

2. Movies
Turning on a chick flick is one of the most cliché activities of a girl’s night. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a rom-com that your boyfriends would hate, but watching a two hour movie with a group of people can be distracting.

Some people are totally fine with everyone talking and making comments throughout the film, but some people like to watch movies as if they were in a theater no matter what. It might get ugly if these two personalities are in the same room. Maybe all of your friends can watch movies perfectly fine together, but you want to change things up.

In either scenario, try putting it on mute, assign everyone a character, and make up dialogue. It’s fun and really tests your improv skills. You can also turn your favorite movies into drinking games. Mean Girls would be a great one.

Another way to go is to make watching a certain show, like The Bachelorette, the reason for having people over. That way you all know you’re going to be watching TV for at least part of the night and you can all share your opinions right then instead of going off in the group chat the next day.

You’re still going to have a great night whether you decide to just watch something normally or spice it up.

3. Snacks
I love food, and when I’m hanging out with my friends, I know we’ll be eating at some point, and a night in is no exception.

There’s several ways to go about preparing snacks. You can have a bunch of different things in bowls ready for when your guests arrive, have everyone bring something to share, bake something together, or order delivery.

Pizza is an awesome go to option, but not if you’re trying to watch calories. There’s several snack options for health conscious babes. Among all of the 100 calorie snack packs and weight watchers candy, there’s SkinnyPop’s popcorn.

SkinnyPop popcorn is a great option for everyone because it’s all natural, has no trans-fat, and is gluten, nut, dairy, GMO, and preservative free. And, there’s a lot of flavors to choose from.
I tried the jalapeño one because I like spicy foods and it’s such a unique flavor.

This jalapeño popcorn did not disappoint. The spicy flavor tickles your tongue just enough to make you want more, and you’ll be able to eat handfuls without having to chug gallons of water in between, which is exactly what you want for a snack.

Speaking of drinking games, there’s a wine pairing for each flavor to make your SkinnyPop experience even better. You can find the pairings in the chart below.

For all SkinnyPop products and to find your nearest retailer, head to their site. 

SkinnyPop Wine (1)
_DSC0213 (2).JPG

4. Makeovers

I’m obsessed with makeup, and I’m always trying to find new products and techniques, and what better way to discover new things than from friends?

When it comes to makeup, everyone has their own style and “look.” Try having everyone do each other’s makeup, you might find that you really like how purple eyeliner looks on you.

You can also find a YouTube tutorial and have everyone try to copy it. I know makeup can get expensive, so if you don’t want to use all of yours for experimenting, ask some of your friends to bring theirs with them.
5. Facials
Before you start experimenting with makeup, you might want to put on a refreshing face mask. You might even want to put one on after you wash off all the makeup to make your face feel extra clean.

Either way, face masks are good for your skin and will make you feel pampered. My favorite one is an Aztec Clay where you mix the powder with apple cider vinegar or water.

Face masks can be store bought or homemade. There’s a ton of recipies online using products like avacado, oatmeal, and even eggs! Different items have different benefits, so find one that appeals to you the most.
6. Craft
You might want to check out Pinterest for this one. Crafting is always a great way to get in touch with your creative side, especially when making something as a group.

It’s easier to get all of the materials together if this is a planned night, but if not you might have fun going on an adventure to Wal-Mart.

Materials can get expensive, so a solution is challenging yourself to make something with household items. It can be as easy as using a piece of wood or cardboard for a canvas.

_DSC0240 (2).JPG

Not only are these are great things to do while spending time with friends, they’re also perfect if you want a “me” day. Everyone needs some time to themselves once in a while. Whether you’re by yourself or with your girls, you’re bound to have a good night.

After writing this out, I’m actually looking forward to my next night in with friends. I hope you are too!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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