GNO // a survival guide to a night out

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Now onto the post. This post is pretty much the opposite of my last one.Instead of tips for a night in here’s some tips for a night out.

At my age, going out to the bar or club with your friends is an every weekend occurrence. And Tallahassee’s wide range of options and specials isn’t exactly preventing it.

Going out with your friends can be really fun, but not if you come home with a broken heel and no wallet. I’m not exactly proud to admit this, but I think I’ve gone clubbing enough to know the do’s and don’ts if you want to have a good night.

Of course some things that go wrong are beyond your control, but these tips will make things a lot easier if something does happen to go wrong.

  1. Dress for the occasion

Know where you’re going and the vibe there. Usually you’re not going to want to wear a body con dress and heels to a dive bar. If you’ve never been to the place you’re headed, going to the website or asking a friend who has been there always helps. You can also ask the friends who are going with you what they’re wearing to get an idea of what look to go for.

I was actually in this situation this weekend. My friend wanted to go to a country bar for her birthday, and I have never been nor am I even a little bit into country music. I heard it was pretty casual, so I decided to go with this white crop, floral high waisted shorts, and brown booties. Even though I didn’t have cowboy boots or a cowboy hat, I didn’t feel like the odd one out and stayed true to my personal style.

_DSC0467 (2)
White Crop Top: Forever 21 Floral High Waisted Shorts: Goodwill Necklace: H&M

Also take the weather into consideration. I feel like a hypocrite telling you that, because I am guilty of wearing shorts in 40 degree weather. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it only gets colder as the night goes on. It’s pretty miserable, especially if you end up standing outside for a while or are walking a good distance to your destination.

Leather and denim jackets are one of my favorite things to wear out on fall and winter nights because if it gets too hot inside I can take it off to feel cooler.

  1. Wear shoes you can walk in

Those six inch heels are really cute, but wobbling and tripping all over the place is not. I’m not against heels at all, as long as they’re a pair that won’t leave you hating your life at the end of the night.

Another thing to consider is how long you’ll be on your feet. You might be able to handle stilettos for an hour or two, but maybe not after constantly dancing and moving around all night.

Pro tip: don’t wear brand new shoes, heels or not. Blisters are a pretty common thing when wearing new shoes the first few times. To avoid burning skin while to get to the bar, break your shoes in ahead of time.

Even if you are having no problem with your shoe of choice, sometimes your feet still hurt the next day. Reduce this by putting gel inserts in your shoe for support. Your feet will feel more comfortable throughout the night too.

_DSC0307 (2)
G by Guess Pumps: DSW
  1. Bring a smaller purse

A lot of clubs, or at least the ones that I’ve been to, don’t allow big bags and purses. Even if they do, it’s still best to go with a smaller purse or even a clutch. You’re not going to want to lug a big bag around and it’s likely to get in the way of things like dancing.

A smaller purse, especially a crossbody style, will allow you to move around more easily. And if you’re okay with having something in your hand all night, a clutch works too.

If you want to be on the safe side, choose a bag that lets you secure openings with zippers or clasps. There’s a bigger chance of items falling out or someone pick pocketing out of an open top.

_DSC0351 (2)
Brown Fossil Crossbody Bag: Dillard’s

This counts for wallets too. Transferring the things you need to a smaller pouch or cardholder won’t leave you shuffling through all those rewards cards to get your credit card.


Only bring what you need

In my every day purses, I have way more stuff shoved in there than I probably actually need. Even though I’m convinced that I do need it all, I can definitely survive a night out without pens and coupons.

Besides the risk of losing things, it’s easier to reach in and grab what you need without digging around. If you have multiple credit cards, I suggest only bringing one just in case you lose your wallet.

My wallet fell out of my purse once and luckily the bartender had it, but my debit card was stolen and used. It’s a good thing that that was the only thing they could take.

It’s also a good idea to only bring as much cash as you want to spend to keep from overspending. It took a few tries, but now when I go out I only bring my phone, keys, ID, a credit card, a little bit of cash, and sometimes lipstick/powder/travel sized perfume for touch ups.

  1. Leave valuables at home

If you’re going to a place that gets really packed and rowdy, you might want to leave that 800 dollar necklace at home. This doesn’t just apply to expensive things, but anything you’d be upset about if you never got back.

If contemplating on wearing something or not, it helps to imagine yourself losing it and how you would feel about it. As much as I love my watch, I won’t wear it if I think there’s a chance of losing it.

Following these not only makes your night smoother, but won’t leave you totally screwed if you accidentally get a little more intoxicated than you originally planned. But even if your coordination is perfect, things can still happen, like It did with my wallet.

As a side note: I’m all for GNO’s, but PLEASE don’t drink and drive!

Be safe and have fun!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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