Necessities // what’s in my backpack

Hey Babes,

This is basically a “what’s in my bag” post, except it’s “what’s in my backpack.”

Whenever I’m on campus, I’m usually there for a while. I tend to have an hour or two between classes, and instead of going home I’ll find somewhere to study. With club meetings and activities thrown into the mix, I don’t always have time to go home during breaks.

My apartment is walking distance, but it can still be a 15-30 minute trek depending on what building I’m going to. I could drive, but the parking is so bad I probably actually save time by walking.

In my backpack I have the school essentials, but also everything I need to make it through a long day, just in case. Besides my school supplies, phone, keys, and wallet, this is what you can find in my backpack.

  1. Touch Up Tools

I hate looking in the mirror of the public restroom to see my face splotchy from heat and worn off makeup. If I didn’t have my foundation with me, I’d feel self-conscious the rest of the day. I always make sure to have whatever shade of lipstick I’m wearing too, in case it comes off when I’m eating or something. I also have a few Nutrogena Deep Clean wipes for when my face feels sweaty and greasy. It makes my face feel refreshed.

Here in Florida, it’s really humid all the time. It’s frustrating when your hair looks like a lion’s mane after only being outside for ten minutes. So I make sure to always have a mini hair brush too. That way it’s easier to tame my hair when the Florida humidity gets to it.

With heat and humidity also comes sweat, especially when you’re walking from building to building, and possibly going up stairs. Sometimes the air conditioning makes me feel even grosser when I walk into a building, that’s why I always have deodorant and a travel size perfume or body spray. I have several body sprays laying around, but I tend to buy extra deodorant so I can just leave one in my backpack to ensure I won’t forget it.

To make things extra easy, I put all of my touch up tools in a mini makeup bag so I know where to find them

  1. Tide-to-Go

I am the messiest eater ever. I can’t even have my coffee cup in my hand for two minutes without spilling some all over my shirt. Ironically I spilled coffee on myself while writing this post.

It’s really embarrassing walking around with a huge, noticeable, coffee or food stain on your clothes. Even if you are a clean eater, sometimes things just happen. Either way, stains are not something you are probably proud of having.

My Tide-to-Go pen has saved me many times. While it obviously won’t do as good of a job that a washer and dryer would do, it’s a great temporary fix.

In my opinion it works best on lighter or white clothing, and some stains will come out easier than others, but I am almost always satisfied with the results.

Pro Tip: The pen may leave a big wet spot, so use a blow dryer or hand dryer to help it dry faster.

  1. Light Sweater

The crazy thing about Florida is that while some states are getting inches of snow, you might be able to go tanning.

Wearing a tank top or shorts is probably one of the smartest choices when it’s 90 degrees outside, but because it’s so hot, a lot of times the AC will be blasting inside buildings and classrooms.

I know I can’t focus or take notes properly if I’m freezing, so I leave a light cardigan in my backpack for when a classroom is making me shiver.

_DSC0608 (2).JPG
  1. Lighter

I am not a smoker, but for some reason I have this obsession with lighters, especially decorative ones. One time I convinced my mom to let me get a ten pack of Bic’s 40th anniversary special edition lighters. I’m pretty sure she thought it was suspicious, because why would someone who doesn’t smoke want a bunch of lighters? That is a good question, I don’t really know either, except that they’re one of my weird obsessions.

Surprisingly having a lighter has come in handy many times. You never know when you’re going to need a little bit of light, need a backup way to burn something, or when someone with a cigarette comes up to you in a parking lot asking if you have a lighter.

I’ve been asked several times if I had something to light a cigarette with, I don’t know if I just look like a fellow smoker or what, but it feels good that I’m able to help out.

  1. USB Cable

My phone is good at doing a lot of things, but there’s no way the battery will last through a full day on campus unless I stopped constantly texting and browsing social media apps.

When I get the “10% Battery Remaining” warning, instead of turning down the brightness and refraining from use, I can just plug it into my computer with my USB cable.

Like deodorant, I tend to have multiple phone chargers around so I don’t have to keep moving the same one from place to place. I’m more likely to forget it that way, and it’s scary not being able to contact someone if you run into trouble.

The amount of chargers I have might be a little excessive. I have one in my living room, one in my bedroom, one in my car, and of course one in my backpack.

Maybe I’m just lazy, but it’s really convenient having a way to charge your phone in all of the major places you go to.

  1. Snacks

Having a lot of food options on campus is great, but when you’re spending hours on campus three days a week, eating out can get really expensive. Not to mention you’ll eventually get tired of all the restaurants.

To make things cheaper, and healthier, I always put snacks such as granola bars or apples in my backpack so I can keep my energy up while not spending a ton of money. Sometimes I will even keep some “emergency snacks” in there just in case I am in a hurry one day and forget to grab something.

Staying hydrated is really important too, so I have a water bottle with me and can fill it up if I need to.

The fall semester is right around the corner, which means I’m going to prepare for classes soon and make sure I have everything I need in my backpack.

I carry around so much stuff that I feel like I could easily travel with just my bag. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, because I think it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

The only time having a lot of stuff can be a problem is when you have so many items you have to dig around a while before you find the thing you need.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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