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You never realize how much you rely on electricity until you lose it. Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee pretty hard, and although no one was hurt or injured, 80% of the city lost power.

None of the college students could handle it, because everyone, including me, fled town for the weekend. According to one of my roommates, my power came back on Monday night, and now I’m back in Tallahassee, and back to blogging to tell you about must-haves for fall.

If you want to be on top when it comes to current trends, look for these things while you’re shopping for your fall wardrobe.

  1. Metallic

I don’t think I have sought out something, or even seen many things with a metallic finish since first grade. Now, metallic finishes are on everything from apparel to makeup to nails.

I know about the nails because my nails happen to have a metallic polish on them right now, something I was surprised to see at the salon, but had to have.

Metallics are awesome because they can come in any color, and, they can be one color or a combination of colors. On the runways, there has been a lot of gold metallics, especially on dresses, so if you’re a one color type of person, go for the gold.


2. Poms

Whether it’s shoes, clothes, or keychains, these cute little balls of fluff are appearing everywhere.

My sister got me one last Christmas but back then I had no idea they were going to be a huge trend in Fall 2016. I know they’re a big deal because when I went to Francesca’s to shop for my cruise, everything in the store was buy one get one half off except the pom keychains and sale items.

The keychains make a great addition  to any bag, keys, or wallet, and having clothes or shoes with poms on them is a great way to make a statement.

I love how they come in so many different colors too. Mine is a dark pink with a gold chain by Michael Kors, and it matches my lanyard perfectly, even though I’m currently looking for a new one.

When multiple poms are on apparel, there are endless color combinations, which is something to have fun with.

Pink Pom Keychain: Michael Kors

3. Statement Choker

It’s no secret that chokers were one of the biggest trends this summer. Don’t worry, they’re still in, but this fall they’re making a statement.

Statement chokers are just like any other choker, except they’re chunkier and more elaborate. Instead of a thin piece of fabric with a single charm, statement chokers are thick and cover most of your neck.

Another difference between statement chokers and “regular” chokers is that a lot of statement chokers have bands that are made of some type of metal rather than plastic, lace, or velvet, even though there are exceptions.

In my opinion, these chokers look very elegant since the embellishments are so detailed. Some of them even have several layers of chains or beads, making whoever is wearing it look like royalty.

I have actually had a statement choker for a long time and I didn’t even know it. In 2013, when I went to Knotts Berry Farm in California, I picked up this handmade bone choker from the Indian Reservation there, but I have never worn it. However this fall I’ll have the perfect opportunity to show it off.

When styling a statement choker, use the choker as a base and work around it. Also, avoid a lot of busy prints and graphics, especially on your top half. If the choker is on the elaborate side, wearing an all over print can be  too much to look at and take the focus away from your choker.

You want the choker to be the focal point of your outfit. If you want to make a statement, but aren’t into the pom trend, try a statement choker instead!

Bone Choker: Knott’s Berry Farm

4.  Slouchy/Wide Leg Pants

If you’re like me and you hate wearing jeans, Fall 2016 is going to be one of your favorite seasons.

Pants are a must when it gets cooler, but wearing yoga pants and sweatpants can make it look like you just threw on the first thing you saw. One of the reasons I like dresses is because you look cute when you may not have really tried at all to put an outfit together, and I feel the same way about the patterned slouchy and flare pants that are making their way into fall fashion. You get the same amount of comfort as sweatpants, but you look cuter and put together.

I found a pair of the bell bottoms at Beall’s Outlet for only 8 dollars, and I can’t wait until it gets a little cooler so I won’t be drenched in sweat while wearing them.  I really want a pair of the slouchy style pants too, but I can’t find them anywhere! I still have a couple of weeks to complete my mission though.

Bell Bottom Pants: Beall’s Outlet

5. Bomber/Denim Jacket

Another thing I have been on a hunt for is a bomber jacket, and a denim jacket. Yesterday, I hit the jackpot when I found both.

I found a cute black bomber jacket at Francesca’s, and, like the poms, I know they’re going to be big this fall because the sales associate that rang me up said I got the last one they had.

I like bomber jackets because they have fitted cuffs that won’t get in the way when you’re trying to write or type. Mine is black, but I have seen them in all colors including light pink, khaki, green, and burgundy.

I didn’t find a denim jacket at Francesca’s, but I did find one at American Eagle. It’s boyfriend style too, so it’s loose and comfy, which is exactly what I wanted, but if you like things to be a little tighter, there are slimmer fits out there.

A lot of denim jackets may look similar too, so if you want to stand out you can customize yours with pins and patches. Both of these types of jackets are going to be the on-trend way to stay warm in the upcoming months.

I’m already seeing these a bunch of these trends around campus, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them a lot more once fall is actually here and the weather gets cooler. If you have these in your wardrobe, you’ll be one of the most stylish people in the room!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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