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Hey Babes,

Out of everything I’ve written so far, my most successful post is the one about Beautyblenders. It’s winning by a landslide too. Ironically, when I posted it I was only expecting it to get maybe 10% of the hits that it’s gotten, but I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like it needs some kind of encore, so this month’s beauty post is Beautyblenders Part 2.

In Part 1, I compared an Original Beautyblender sponge to a knock off, and insisted that copycats are nowhere near the real thing.

Part 2 gets a little more interesting because this time I’m comparing the Original Beautyblender to one of its relatives: the Micro.Mini Beautyblender Pro sponge. It’s actually two comparisons in one, because the Pro collection has a whole different set of features aside from the Micro Mini itself.

To recap Part 1: The Original Beautyblender is soft, durable and blends makeup easily. It’s an essential for your makeup bag, and replicas can’t compare.

So if the Original Beautyblender is so great, why would you need one that is a quarter of the size?

Good question. The purpose of the smaller Beautyblender is so you can blend concealer, foundation, highlighter, and everything else more perciesly. into the smaller areas of your face. Places like under your eyes, the sides of your nose, and your brow bones that are a little harder to perfect with a standard size Beautyblender.

But is the difference worth dropping $18 on a whole new Beautyblender?

I’m here to help you decide.

Speaking of price, buying the Micro.Minis costs about the same as buying a full-size sponge. They are $18 a package, but each package comes with two sponges. At $9 a sponge, it’s not that much different than if you were to cut the $20 Beautyblender in half. Also, being a part of the “Pro” collection has no effect on the price.


What makes it a “Pro?”

The sponges in the Pro Collection are black and designed to use with darker shades and makeup products that would be hard to completely rinse out of an Original Beautyblender. Plus, the material is designed so that your makeup isn’t absorbed, but instead rests on top of the sponge, so you end up using less and less makeup goes to waste.

The difference between the two is definitely noticeable in appearance. When dry, the black Beautyblender looks rougher and spongier than a dry original. It feels the way it looks too, where as the original is soft and smooth.

The texture doesn’t change much when it’s wet either, it resembles a wet dish sponge, but not in a bad way. I’m referencing the Micro.Mini Pro, but I would think there is no, or very little, difference in the original beautyblender pro.

Just how micro is the Micro.Mini?

According to the Beautyblender website, the Micro.Mini is ¼ the size of an Original Beautyblender, which is about the size of my fingertip on an object-to-object scale. It doubles in size when wet, but it’s still really small.

Now the most important question: Is there really a difference in application?

To try to find out, I did a comparison on the creases of my wrist with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and the highlighter in the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo.

For the concealer, the result from Micro.Mini, pictured on the bottom, was in fact more defined than the bigger beautyblender. It might be hard to tell by my pictures, but they both did a good job of all-over coverage, but the micro mini did a slightly better job and did a better job of covering the creases. If you’re wanting to conceal something like eye wrinkles, the micro mini is the way to go.

With the highlight, The Original Beautyblender gave more overall coverage, but the Micro.Mini was able to define a particular area. It would be great for trying to perfect your nose contour.

From what I experienced, there is a noticeable difference between what the two sponges can do.  But do I think the Micro.Mini is a makeup bag essential? Only if you’re really into makeup, use a lot of products in your routine, and/or you like to put time and effort in to have a flawless face.

If you prefer to keep it simple with the basics most of the time, it would be great to have for concealer, but it’s not a must-have like the OG Beautyblender.

Still haven’t had enough Beautyblender? There’s even more products such as a dye-free sponge line, cleaners, and accessories, and you can find everything on

Happy Blending!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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  1. Really loved the blog post, I don’t know what I’d do without my beauty blenders 😳 haha! Followed your blog and can’t wait to read more. Would be great if you could take a look at mine and if you enjoy give it a follow.
    Katie rebecca xoxo

    1. Thank You! I was skeptical at first too but you can really see the difference in things like concealer. It looks a lot cleaner and smoother, at least for me.

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