Color // pantone’s fall 2016 color report

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“Color is Life,” as one of my professors says. And it’s true, for a lot of customers, the color is what makes or breaks the decision to purchase something. Which is one of the reasons it’s not only “life,” but a key dimension of fashion.

The trending colors tend to change with the season, but designers aren’t just guessing which colors are going to be in. Designers look to color forecasters, such as Pantone, to see which colors they are going to want on their runways, and then retailers look at the runways, and so on.

Every season before fashion week, Pantone puts together a color report consisting of the colors that will likely be on the runway several times. The Fall 2016 Color Report features a mix of dull blue’s, gray’s, and brown’s, but also has it’s share of vibrant red’s, green’s, and brown’s to balance it out.

I’ve listed all 10 colors from Fall 2016’s report, along with a  matching style board, to hopefully give you some fall fashion inspo. Don’t be surprised if you’ve seen a few of these colors dominating the racks at your favorite stores.

  1. Riverside

2. Airy Blue

3. Sharkskin

4. Aurora Red

5. Warm Taupe

6. Dusty Cedar

7. Lush Meadow

8. Spicy Mustard

9. Potter’s Clay

10. Bodacious 

So now that you know what colors are in for the fall, it might be easier to go shopping for your fall necessities. I love all of these colors, but I think my favorites are Potter’s Clay and Spicy Mustard. Potter’s Clay and similar shades seem to be especially popular on suede items.

Do you have a favorite color from Pantone’s Fall 2016 Color Report? If so, what is it?

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