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Happy Halloween Babes!

The 90’s comeback is still going strong and along with clothes and styles, 90’s makeup is back in too! That’s why I’m going to list my favorite 90’s makeup trends that have come back into 2016.

As much as I love the 90’s, and as much I wanted to look like one of the cool older girls, I wasn’t exactly wearing high end makeup in 1997, so younger me is extremely happy about the comeback.

  1. Nude Lipstick

I love all lipstick, but I think this trend is my least favorite. I like lipstick that is bold and matches a color in my outfit, however I do like a nude shade if I’m going for a natural, “no makeup,” look.

I think the key here is to find a good shade for your skin color. The only nude color I have right now is “Cremesheen Ravishing” by MAC, and I personally think it is too light and pink for me. Also, the texture is too sticky for my taste, and it comes off very easily.

I did have a good nude shade a couple of years ago by Revlon, but I’m pretty sure I wore it so much that I ran out. I got lucky with that one because since you usually can’t try drug store makeup on, you never know if it’ll look good on your particular skin tone, unless you’ve tried a friend’s or something.

I’ve heard stories where people have thought the shade would look good on them but it ended up being the exact color of their skin! So if you want to rock the nude lipstick trend, my advice is to take time and actually try some shades on.

  1. Berry Lipstick

This one is on the opposite end of the spectrum: deep berry lipstick. It’s somewhere in between a bright Taylor Swift red and a dark vampire-ish maroon, making it a great color for fall.

Berry shades look great with a smoky eye, but they also work with more natural looks if that’s your thing. Out of all the red lipstick shades I have, I don’t have a berry one, so I mixed Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the Project Chimps shade and MAC’s Diva to get a similar result.

If I ever wear this out, I’ll probably tweak it to make it a little darker.

  1. Blue eyeshadow

Even though it’s back in now, when it comes to blue eyeshadow, less is more. I’ve seen some pictures from the 90’s of celebs wearing bright blue eyeshadow all the way up to their brow.

In my opinion, tons of bright blue eyeshadow not blended with anything else is no ok for any occasion, so I’m glad it’s a little more subtle in 2016 than it was in the 90’s.

To make a very subtle blue eyeshadow look, I used “Peace,” “Scratch,” and “Shag”  from Urban Decay’s Deluxe Shadow Box, which you can tell by the pictures I got years ago to satisfy my scene kid phase. I’m pretty sure they stopped selling it awhile ago too, does eyeshadow expire?

  1. Glitter

Like blue eyeshadow, glitter has to be placed strategically. Too much can make it look like a fairy vomited all over you, which is a lot worse than it sounds. Also, if you’re going to be somewhere that can get hot and sweaty, like a concert, you don’t want to look like you’ve been crying glitter halfway through the show. (Unless maybe it’s a KE$HA concert)

But, when done right, glitter eyes, lips, or body can look amazing. Glitter is actually on my shopping list for when I go to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando this weekend. If you’ve never heard of it, EDC is one of the biggest music festivals out there, and it’s basically just a huge rave. I’ll probably be posting about my outfits and makeup too, so look out for that.

  1. The Grunge Look

I saved the best for last, the grunge look. This is my absolute favorite makeup trend from the 90’s. I’ve just always loved dark smokey eyes, and I used to make myself look like a raccoon trying to imitate Avril Lavigne’s punk-ness.

Of course, like a lot of other trends that have made a comeback, it’s been mondernized to fit in with the other current trends. I’m pretty sure heavy highlighting and contouring wasn’t a big part of the grunge culture in the 90’s.

“True grunge”  actually isn’t heavy makeup at all and has the “I haven’t slept in three days” look. There are so many ways to recreate this, but when I do it by using Becca Champagne Pop liquid highliter all over my face, and only contouring my some of my cheeks and my nose, all under my powder foundation.

Before eyeliner, I smudged a purple shade of eyeshadow on my upper and lower lash lines, and in the inner corner. You can also use a purple, or a red, and eyeliner is optional. But to look “grungey,” everything should be matte, even though the purple eyeshadow I used is on the shimmery side because I didn’t have anything closer.

The 40th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arista Records Pre-GRAMMY Party

I hope you babes love these looks as much as I do, tell me your favorite 90’s beauty trend in the comments!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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  1. I love the dark lipstick look from the 90’s, but my favorite is the the Avril-esque smokey eye with a clear/light tint lip gloss. I also really love tousling up my hair and breaking out a black choker from time to time:) love this post x

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