Flashback // modernizing looks from the leaked Disney Channel ID videos

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If you grew up watching Disney Channel, you more than likely remember the clips of various cast members introducing themselves before drawing the logo with a glowing wand. Or as my generation would describe it, “back when Disney Channel was GOOD.”

Well last week the “good” days of Disney Channel have resurfaced in an odd, nostalgically cringe-worthy way. Footage of the then-stars’ promotion clips, called Disney ID’s, have suddenly gone viral, but they’re not the fun, playful clips you remember seeing on your non-HD TV.

The videos, which you can find here, show the actual filming of the scene that was edited for your screen. Everything looks normal at first, but then the director’s voice can be heard in the background giving feedback. He might say good job, he might ask for a different style, or he might even correct technique, but no matter what he says, the filming doesn’t stop, and you get to see the actor’s movements in between each take, which is what makes these videos gold.

The facial expressions and body language of actor’s after being critiqued and having to do yet another take are priceless. And while those freeze frames are everywhere, I’m choosing to focus on another part of these behind the scenes clips: the fashion.

This footage is at least ten years old, give or take a few years. Yeah, let that sink in fellow Millenials. But whether it’s one year, or thirty years, fashion is always changing and evolving, and that’s the reason why someone today would probably think these Disney stars are unfashionable.  You can’t really blame them though.

Styles and trends do come back and repeat themselves, but are usually more modernized and styled differently. If you’re keeping up with me, you’re probably sick of me talking about how the trends that are currently coming back follow a 90’s/early 2000’s theme (which might have something to do with why the videos are just coming out now).

You don’t have to look that closely to see some iconic fashions from those years that are now 2016 trends, but the overall looks are another story. Today, you’re definitely not going to see the hot trends styled like they are in these clips, so while keeping the same general concept, I gave some of them a modern, 2016 makeover.

I even went all out with a blank background and a [terribly] photoshopped glow stick made from a M.A.C. makeup brush for the ultimate comparison.

(But secretly, I did it because I wanted to feel like a Disney Channel star for a day)

Raven Symone of That’s So Raven

I never noticed it before, but after going through a ton of screenshots of these commercials in general, I realized that all of the actors were dressed to reflect the character they play.

It’s totally noticeable in the ones I’m writing about too, and that is probably the smallest sample you can get. But this particular outfit, Raven’s outfit, has me feeling all sorts of ways.

Raven Baxter’s outfits were always on the edgier side, and even though they were a little odd sometimes, they fit her character so it worked. However, in the leaked tape, Raven Symone is shown wearing a white long sleeve shirt under an all-black jumpsuit type look, and I don’t like it at all, even for an edgier character.

It might just be my opinion, but when looking at this, I have no idea what’s going on, and everything seems to be all over the place. It was frustrating trying to recreate this look because I couldn’t figure out what type of pants those were, and if it was a one piece jumpsuit or two pieces put together.

I still don’t have a definite answer, but I decided it was two pieces by looking at the patterns, hemlines, and shades of black. And, when I finally decided it was two pieces, I couldn’t figure out if the pants were patterend tights, some type of patchwork leggings, or something else.

I still don’t know that either, but I decided to use garnet patterend tights for the recreation. Another thing that made recreating this look difficult was the fact that I wasn’t digging the, what I assumed was, a leotard over tights thing.

Plus, for a good reason, you hardly ever see that style, and when you do it’s very costume like. So instead of a bodysuit, I went with a little black dress that is made of spandex material. I also chose a solid color beacause I felt like a patern would clash against the tights.

The one thing I actually did like about this look, was the long sleeve under a tank top, one of the classic 90’s trends coming back. I kept that idea pretty much the same, except I made the shirt a burnt orange color, because it went better with the garnet tights than white did.

I thought the pendant necklace on Raven’s outfit was pretty random too, but to keep the same general concept in my new and improved version, I put on a wrap choker and tied it at the front.

Her hairstyle is a classic sleek ponytail, but I updated that too by wearing a sleek top knot instead.

This look was definetly the hardest one for me to recreate, the rest of them were a lot more  straight forward. But, it actually ended up being my favorite. In fact, I wore it to Taco Tuesday yesterday. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Hilary Duff of Lizzie McGuire

Fun Fact: Hilary Duff and I have the same birthday. And as a little girl who idolized her already, finding that out made my entire life. I’m getting nostalgia just writing this. Stuff by Hilary Duff, Metamorphosis, A Cinderella Story, and of course, Lizzie McGuire defined a good three years or so of my childhood.

Let me stop myself before I start talking about how The Lizzie McGuire movie and its soundtrack were the biggest deal ever. Anyway, remember what I was saying about how all of the actors reflect their character? Well this is a great example. Lizzie McGuire was just your average middle school girl, which is reflected on Hillary’s sleeveless shirt and embellished jeans.

My modern twist swaps out the mid-rise jeans for high waisted ones, and the wide strapped watercolor-looking tank for a crotcheted flower one. And, instead of a wristband, I’m wearing a watch and bangle on my wrist. I decided to stick with the middle part too, because why not?

Unlike Raven’s video, her outfit wasn’t awkward, but watching her act is, which is part of the reason it went viral. It’s kind of weird watching a video of your childhood idol get passed around because it’s “awkward to watch,” but thankfully I didn’t have to watch it over and over again to modernize her look.

Lalaine of Lizzy McGuire

Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo were an iconic trio. I didn’t see a tape for Adam Lamberg, who played Gordo, but there was one for the Actress of Miranda, Lalaine. As Lizzie’s best friend, Miranda was a pretty big part of the show, and the actress deserves her own commercial.

Sticking with the common theme, since Miranda was pretty punk-rock, Lalaine is pretty punk-rock for the scene. At one time, a girl wearing a loose tie around her neck was the trendy thing to do, but since we haven’t exactly seen it blow up in 2016 yet, I turned a polka dotted skinny scarf into something tie-esque.

You can’t see most of the bottom half, but I’m assuming that she’s wearing loose fitting wide leg pants. I kept the same baggy style in my look, but I opted for culottes instead of full on pants.

My take also features a longer muscle tee with deep cut sleeves, which I tucked into the culottes.

Finally, I tied a black bandanna around my wrist to substitute for Lalaine’s armband. I thought adding anything else would be too much.

This outfit wasn’t totally my style, but I was totally feeling myself in it.

So there’s an idea of what these former Disney Channel stars might have been wearing if these same videos were filmed today. This activity really put things into perspective on how much styles change over time, but also stay the same. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all the years I’ve kept up with the trends, It’s that the phrase “History Repeats Itself” definitely reigns true in fashion.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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