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Happy New Year Babes!

It’s not every day that you discover a new edgy makeup brand that has a unique design and thrives on self-expression, or a new makeup brand at all.

While doing some post-Christmas shopping at Sephora this week, I noticed a collection that I’ve never seen in a Sephora store before let alone even heard of. I instantly went to check it out because I was so drawn to the packaging.

The white tubes with the MILK logo on them places in clear plastic tubes looked clean, fresh, and minimalistic. As the Sephora associate pointed out, it might look like a cheap drugstore brand to some people, but don’t be fooled because it’s actually high quality. To be honest, I might’ve thought that too if I saw this line at CVS, but since it was in Sephora near the Anastasia, Dior, and Lacome collections, I knew it had to have a good rep.


The brand is based off of an artsy and creative cultural hub in Los Angeles and New York, aims to be fun, and is designed for the girl on the go. Another factor that sets MILK apart from a lot of other mainstream makeup brands is that all of their formulas are paraben and preservative-free, and made with natural high quality ingredients. I didn’t know that until I did some more research, but it got them more brownie points from me. Natural makeup that you can easily take with you? What can be better than that?

The associate at Sephora who was telling me about the line said she loved and recommended all the products, except the Face Gloss if you tend to have oily skin because it might look greasy. I ended up going with the Ubame Mascara in the shade Inked and metallic eye pigment in the shade All Nighter. Both of these products are in tubes that are great for sticking in your purse for touch ups.


The shade of eye pigment I chose is supposed to be a charcoal, and it looks black in the tube, but depending on lighting it looked slightly green to me, especially after it dried. After a couple hours, I thought it looked more blue, but that was probably also either the lighting, me, or both. I don’t know if it’s just my skin tone or what, but even though it didn’t always look black on me, I still thought it was a pretty color.


I haven’t had any experience with eye pigments prior to this, but I would say a little goes a long way, at least with this particular product. I squeezed out what I thought was a normal amount, but I realized it was definetly too much when I was spreading it on my eyelid because I had a little trouble evening it out while trying to stay below my crease. It was also probably a little harder for me because I already have pretty small eyelids.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might have to use a little more precison and be a little more careful than you would if you were applying a powder. If you accidentally go farther or higher than you would like, it’s easier to fix your mistake with powders. Since the eye pigment has a gel like consistency and dries pretty fast, messing up could ruin your whole look and you may end up having to redo some steps, especially since the color is so dark.

For the application itself, the directions indicate to use your finger, but I used a fluff brush by MY MAKEUP BRUSH SET to apply it. For this look I just placed it all over my lid and highlighted my brow bone with the TEMPURA shade in Anastasia’s Modern Rennasence palette. I kept it very simple for review purposes, but I would definetly elaborate more if I wore it to an event.


I was very pleased with how well the product stayed on too, and I didn’t even use eye primer first. I was expecting to have to do some touching up before my later plans, and I was surprised when I didn’t have to at all, and even hours after that. This next photo is about four hours after first putting it on.


When I washed my makeup off before I went to bed, I had to scrub to get this stuff off my face, and I even woke up with some specks still around my eye area. If you’re looking for a bold eye color that will last for hours, this is the eye color for you.

I don’t have as much to say about the mascara, I liked it a lot, but I would say it’s better for your natural, every day looks for when your running errands or having lunch with friends. If you want bold, thick lashes that look false, this wouldn’t be the product for you.

However, I do love the fact that the mascara goes on smoothly and evenly and isn’t clumpy. The brush is a three ball brush which helps with the smooth, even, application. I’ve been using Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes for awhile and while it gives me the boldness, I always find myself having issues with clumping.


I wore the eye pigment and mascara together, and it was tough to capture the full effect of the mascara since the eye pigment is so bold, but I am wearing it in the two photos above and the one below.


Even though this mascara may not give the impression of false lashes that many people strive for, it makes up for it by being light and not rubbing off and getting all over the place. Some mascaras can make your eyes feel like they have weights on them, but not this one. I forgot I even had masacara on at one point. A lot of my friends are the type to wear minimal to no makeup and go for natural looks, so if you can relate, I definetly recommend this to you.

I feel like the eye pigment and mascara are for two different people or looks, but that’s something I really like about this brand: there’s something for everyone. A lot of makeup brands out there have products geared toward a specific style, but this one has products for a couple of different styles which I think is awesome and is refreshing to see.

This was definetly an exciting, and lucky considering I didn’t even try on the mascara, discovery and I would totally purchase something from this brand again. You can now find it at Sephora, or on the brand’s website!

Have a safe and happy new year babes!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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