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Spring break is only a couple of months away, but there’s no doubt that it still feels like winter. Here in North Florida, the temperature is only just now reaching the 30’s and 40’s, and even then, it’s only that cold early in the morning or late at night. If it’s not raining on and off, the afternoon is still pretty sunny, which I’m not complaining about because I am not very fond of the cold.

Although it’s still pretty warm, it can still be cold enough to wear a jacket all day, and during this first week of classes I noticed a lot more of a certain trend that I didn’t see as much of in the fall: military jackets.

With denim and bomber jackets being hot on the trend list, it was only a matter of time before military jackets made their way to the top too, and the deep forest green being a general trending color did nothing but help it’s climb. But if the green isn’t your thing, they come in plenty of other colors.

Military jackets make a great go-to jacket, because there’s a variety of outfit combos you can throw it over to complete your look or make you appear more stylish. I love this trend because it gives me another heavy duty jacket option besides a denim jacket or trench coat, which is great when I wear jeans because I’m not exactly fond of the denim-on-denim look, it’s too much blue! As far as trench coats go, you hardly see anyone wearing those in Florida compared to somewhere up north like New York.

That green color I was talking about also pairs well with several other colors and color schemes, and it works for both fall and spring. You can top off your dress or all-black outfit, or wear it with jeans if you don’t like the blue denim-on-denim look either. You can even use it as a post-workout piece so you won’t totally look like you just came from the gym if you end up running errands or grabbing lunch after.

The one I recently obtained is a cargo from a Forever 21 outlet store, and it has a TGIF theme to it with a tag on the top left corner that says FRIDAY, and patches on the left sleeve that say PARTY CAT and LOVE MORE HATE LESS, basically all the things I believe in.


Mine also has a boyfriend jacket feel to it, probably because I got it two sizes too big, but there’s all different variations and fits out there such as a utility style, both with and without patches. The difference between these styles is in the shoulders, interlinings and details, for example a utility jacket usually has more pockets and can be pinched at the waist.

If you’re super crafty, you can make your military jacket unique to you and add your own patches. Camouflage is also coming back in for 2017, so if you see a cute came print jacket you like while you’re out shopping, go for it.

Some of my favorite pieces to combine with this particular jacket include a black crop top or any black shirt, a flannel, combat boots, white keds, or a combination of some of those things. I tend to go for the grunge look, but there’s plenty of styles that this trend goes with.

I’ve linked my top five picks below, and if you want to hop on the military jacket trend too, get one soon before it gets too hot to wear it

Boho Cargo

Green Cargo

Green Utility

Gray Utility


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