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Long Time No See Babes!

After a much needed summer break, I am finally back to blogging for the winter, and [hopefully] every season yet to come. I haven’t really been up to much, but in case you’re wondering, I will tell you a major highlight of my time away from the keyboard: I brought the Pug of my dreams into my life.

Since second grade, I have always wanted the Men in Black dog, aka a Pug named Frank, and I’m excited to say that I found the perfect candidate this August. He’s happy, playful, loves everyone, and is of course, stylish. I love dressing him up in bow ties and Christmas sweaters. But enough about my puppy, and more about what this blog is for: Fashion.

For my first post back, I’m going to be writing my thoughts on 2017’s fall/winter trends. I don’t think the trends this year are anything special, actually, I think they are kind of disappointing.

With one exception, there wasn’t anything exciting that I wasn’t used to seeing every year, like bomber jackets. With that being said, However, I do think that these trends can look really good if played up the right way.


Velvet is nothing new, but this fall season, it blew up. It’s on mannequins everywhere. Not that I’m complaining a whole lot though, because I am really attracted to how soft it feels.

Velvet is one of those classy textures that has a major appeal, and it looks really royal in certain colors, like red. Red velvet just so happens to be my FAVORITE, and I know I’m not the only one.

Speaking of red velvet, if you’re in need of the perfect Christmas dress, a bright red velvet one is the way to go, at least that’s what I think. Or, if vibrant colors aren’t your thing, a darker softer red works too. In my opinion, red velvet and Christmas go hand in hand.

Velvet can also be rocked in other colors besides red. It looks great in all shades of blue, green, yellow, and black. This velvet cardigan from Lizard Thicket isn’t any of the colors I just named, but I still love it. It’s soft to the touch (as all velvet is), warm, and it looks great with my mom shorts from PacSun.

The white tank and mom shorts alone is a great summer look, but as soon as you throw the velvet cardigan over it, the outfit gets a cold weather vibe. It also dresses up what would be an otherwise plain outfit that might not be nice enough to wear to dinner, which makes this a great day-to-night look. To top off my outfit, I put a white headband around my forehead. I feel like it gives it a little something extra.


Most of the velvet I’ve seen is solid, but this Free People body suit has a floral pattern. I have to say, I like this a little more than the cardigan. The colors are GORGEOUS, and it falls off my shoulder just right. I wore it with some dark blue jeans, black felt hat, and brown booties. I think this one of my new favorite outfits! This body suit also pairs well with my denim button up skirt, and since it’s a body suit, it makes for an easy transition if you wanted to change quickly.


When picking out something to wear with whatever velvet garment you may have, you should try to avoid velvet-on-velvet. A velvet cardigan over a velvet top, like my Lizard thicket cardigan over my Free People body suit, gives too much texture, and look like too much, especially if one or both items have a crushed velvet appearance.


Out of the four trends I’m writing about, I think leather is the most basic. Leather jackets are a thing every year, but this season I feel like I’m seeing more leather than ever, but maybe it’s just me. Back in 2015, I styled a leather section for a fall fashion show, and we couldn’t find much leather besides jackets. If that fashion show was in 2017, I probably would’ve had a lot more styles to choose from.

When I think of leather, I automatically think of a punk-rocker with spikey red hair, spikes on his jacket, and a tongue piercing, but the cool thing about leather, is that it can also be very chic, depending on what the piece is. For example, a dark purple leather dress, if paired with the right necklace and heels, could look great for work.

I don’t have much leather besides this black jacket I got last fall while visiting the AtlantaMart, (read about it here), but it goes great with this printed romper, black felt hat, black belt, and booties. Adding a belt around the waist not only makes this outfit look more stylish, but gives your midsection shape, and can make your waist appear smaller. As basic as I think leather is, a black leather jacket is a cold weather staple.



This fall trend is one that unlike the others, didn’t seem too basic to me. It’s not one that was expected. Also, out of these four, it has to be my favorite, with velvet coming in a close second.

The thing I like about silver, and what I’m assuming a lot of people like about it, is that it’s SHINY. It’s shine gives it a special kind of attraction that you don’t get from other colors. Those other colors can be given, say a metallic finish, to give them an attractive shine, but it’s not a natural characteristic of the color, which makes silver special. The same thing goes for gold too, which is also in right now.

The thing about silver clothing, is that it’s hard to match to other colors, at least for me. I used to have a silver sequin skirt and I hardly ever wore it because I could never find anything to wear with it. Silver details look great on colors like red, blue, and light pink, but when it comes to a metallic silver shirt, it might be hard to pair it with something.

I wore my shiny metallic top from H&M with some black leather leggings from Francesca’s, black booties and a black vinyl choker. I love how reflective this top is, but I don’t think I would wear it with anything except black, so it’s not one those pieces I can mix and match and wear with a lot of different things. Plus, since I want to stick with black, any outfit I wear will look similar. However, the shirt itself makes a statement.



Last, and in my opinion, the least: fur. And that’s exactly what it is, my opinion, and it seems to be an unpopular one this season because fur, like the rest of the fall/winter trends, is everywhere.

I’ve never seen the appeal with fur coats, but we put one on the mannequin at the store I was interning at, and we had to keep replacing it because people kept buying it. It’s crazy how many people asked to try them on.

The thing I do really like about fur though, is that it’s common to find it in all different colors and patterns, such as white, black, brown, black and brown (like my jacket), or even leopard. The unique thing about fur is that it can come in all patterns and colors, making it easy to wear with different things and versatile, black fur might look different than white fur. Fur has so many textures, long, short, matted, rough, thick. which makes it fun, where as leather is just, well leather even though you can add studs or spikes to it.

On one hand I think a fur coat can look very high end, glamorous, and Hollywood-esque. Imagine Kris Jenner in a long, white fur coat, or Marilyn Monroe in a fur shawl. But on the other hand,  I think wearing something fur, at least full fur, is like wearing an animal, weather it be faux or real. That being said, I personally wouldn’t wear anything full fur myself, but  I would wear something with fur details, like this red and blue cardigan with a brown faux fur collar.

When I first put this outfit on, I had it open in the front but I wasn’t really feeling it with the white body suit and black jeans, so I decided to add a belt around my waist to secure the cardigan into a dress.

I am in LOVE with this look, and like I mentioned a little earlier, the belt around the waist gives me some shape and makes my waist appear smaller. It also feels less like wearing a trash bag and more like wearing a dress.


Well, Babes, it feels great to be back. And, I’m back with a lot of fun ideas I can’t wait to share, including Fenty Beauty reviews and a giveaway!

Stay tuned, and follow @x.stylebabe.x on Instagram for more frequent style updates.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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