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Hey Babes!

A lot of people have told me that my style is effortless, or, when I tell them I am (or was,) a Fashion Merchandising major, they say something along the lines of “oh nice, I can tell.” It helps that I’m really passionate about fashion, but when it comes to effort, I feel like I was given the gift of being able to just throw something together and make it look good.

However, in my 20-some years of getting dressed, I’ve learned some easy tips and tricks to make an okay outfit look instantly stylish, one of them being knotting the shirt, which is also my current favorite. If you didn’t notice, this trend was HUGE over the summer, I saw it all over my college campus! But, even though it may have died down a little, I’m still using it  in the cooler months because I love it so much, and It’s a quick way to bump up almost any outfit on the style meter, even just a t-shirt and jeans.

For example this cream sweater from Belk paired with these brown suede pants (also from Belk) is cute with the headband but it could be cuter. You could spend hours trying to find the perfect color cardigan to go over the sweater, or, you could just tie up the sweater into a knot by twisting the fabric really tightly, making a loop, and pulling the end through. I always have an issue with the last step, sometimes, I need to ask my mom to do it for me (embarrassing.)

Because the fabric on this particular shirt is so thick, the knot is kind of chunky, but it doesn’t look bad. The same goes if you have thin fabric, the knot will be kind of small. In my experience, the best shirts to knot are ones that are loose and stretchy.

I honestly like both looks, but I’m in favor of the knot for this one because it’s something different. The only downside is that if it’s cold outside you might not want your skin showing, and you might want to layer up with a leather jacket instead.


In one of my previous posts about dressing for your body shape, I talked about knots and and how the size of the knot depends on how much fabric you have. I have one striped shirt that I knotted, which I showcased in that post, but it looks slightly awkward because the knot looks a little like a tail.

If you’re like me when you shop and envision what you might wear with a certain piece when you look at it, my advice to you is that if you see a particular shirt you would want to tie in a knot, buy it a size or two bigger so that you have a little bit of leeway. You never know how the knot is going to go.

The downside to knotting your shirt is that if your shirt has a print, graphic, or words, a knot may affect the way it looks. For example, this shirt is supposed to say “Pug Life,” but with a knot, the word “Life” is illegible, and it looks like it just says “Pug,” so use your discretion when adding knots.


I have plenty of examples of amping up outfits with a simple knot, but my favorite is this washed out Seminole sweater and gray leggings. A simple knot instantly turns it from bummy to stylish!

I think this is one of my new favorite go-to outifits for lounging around. Something like this is so comfortable and so stylish, what more could you want?


And if you want to know just how much I love the knot, here’s two more examples of outfits that I made instantly more stylish using this neat little trick.


How to:

Gather the fabric on the side you want the knot


Twist it tightly


Make a loop


Pull the end through


It’s just that easy!

Until next time Babes!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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