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Hey Babes!

How many times has someone from the older generation made a comment like, “You paid someone to rip holes in your clothing?” whenever you wear ripped jeans?

In high school, my French teacher once called people up to the front of the class just to point out what a rip-off it was to have holes in jeans.

Now, In 2018, the older generation might have something new to complain about: distressed shirts.

Distressed tops are a new trend where it looks like someone has gone through and torn a bunch of little holes in what would’ve been a normal looking tee, tank, or even sweater. From what I’ve seen, basically any shirt can be distressed:  a v-neck, sweater, one shoulder, and off the shoulder tops, even though I haven’t specifically seen it yet.

My opinion?

This trend reminds me of swiss cheese. I like it in solid tees and SOME graphic tops, but the holes in some styles just look misplaced, or like they aren’t supposed to be there, which makes this trend an easy DIY, especially if you don’t like spending money.

For example, I LOVE this army green strappy one shoulder top from Lizard Thicket. The holes add something extra and I don’t have to dress it up too much, so I paired it with jeans, brown over the knee boots, and a black newsboy hat.


Since the holes are all over, my bra does show through, but not too badly where layering is necessary.


On the other hand, I think this Bad Moon Rising graphic tee, also from Lizard Thicket, would look much better un-distressed. Since I’m such a big fan of the knot, I think it would look cuter with a knot and no holes instead of a knot and holes, because it would look a little busy that way. However, it still looks good tucked into white BDG shorts with a white headband.


It seems like this trend would be great for layering if you wanted an extra pop of color, so I decided to layer this one with a white camisole, but unfortenely you can’t really tell because the holes are so tiny.


With that being said, since the holes in this new distressed top trend are rather small, this makes me wonder if the trend will eventually evolve and one season the holes will be HUGE.

I don’t know, but move over distressed denim, because holes aren’t just for jeans anymore!

What do you think of the distressed tee? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments!

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