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Hey Babes!

If you’ve seen my instagram, you know I love a good head accessory, weather it be a hat or a headband, which is why I’m becoming very excited about a new rising trend: newsboy caps.

The trend lives up to its name too, because these hats look exactly like something a paperboy would wear. I’ve also seen them called “baker boy hats”, which is another appropriate name, however, I like the term “conductor hat,” because they remind me of a train conductor.

Apparently, these hats were a considererd a fall trend, but I didn’t see many around. I have a feeling though, they’ll be in for the spring, since I saw them scattered all throughout Urban Outfitters. I also happened to see berets in Urban Outfitters, so that gives me a huge hint about what might be coming.

I don’t know how I feel about this trend yet, they definetly add a certain look when paired with an outfit, like this white-striped newsboy hat with a white button front crop top and mom shorts.


Like I just mentioned, my feelings about this trend are up in the air. I don’t LOVE it like I immediately loved the choker trend, but I don’t absolutely HATE it either. Knowing how I am about things, it will probably grow on me. A lot of times, I will hate something that is trendy, but I keep seeing it until then one day I just all of the sudden like it. For example, when everyone was tying shirts and jackets around their waists, I hated it and thought it looked extremely tacky, and then last fall, I found myself doing it all the time.

If you want to try this trend, but a striped one seems to bold for you, try a black one. It’s a great way to spice up a white v-neck and jeans. In my last post featuring distressed tops, I added a black newsboy cap to my green distressed tee, jeans, and knee high boots. I really felt like the newsboy cap made the outfit here.


This would be a great Valentine’s Day outfit if I was wearing a pink shirt. Maybe that gives you some inspo on what to wear for your V-Day plans. You could also wear a beret, and if you want a look that reminds you of Paris, wear a black beret with a black and white striped shirt, or pants.

I don’t think I’ll be adding these hats to every outfit like I was with my black floppy hat, at least for now, but they are still something fun to have in my closet.

How do you feel about newsboy hats? Love them? Hate them? In-between? Let me know in the comments!

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