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I am slowly working my way back into the blogosphere, and I am super excited about this next post because it falls under a category I haven’t done in a while: a beauty post!

I’ve done a lot of shopping at Sephora lately, and I’ve been able to get my hands on some exciting new products. In fact, I’ve done so much shopping, I have to brag that I’m finally a VIB Rouge, yay me! *london tipton clap*

I feel like a lot of my beauty posts are reviews, but the product I’m going to review today isn’t just any other eyeshadow palette or contouring kit, it’s a blendable lip palette by the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills.

(As always, the photos of my face are unedited so you can get a true feel for the color)


First off, I love the design. It comes in a hard case with a clear top that makes it easy to see all the colors. It feels really sturdy and It makes me feel  like I’m about to do some real painting!

It’s so pretty that I didn’t want to start digging into the colors and mess them up. You could tell people tried mixing colors with the tester at Sephora and it looked muddy and not as pretty as the original, un-messed with palette.

The shades are really pretty, but there are some colors that I would rarely wear, like yellow. The beauty of this palette though is that you can use the shades like yellow to make another beautiful color you’ll love.

This lip palette comes in a case with a clear top, and has 5 primary colors, I’m assuming for a base, and 13 other shades to mix with. It also comes with an aluminum mixing tray and brush with a spatula on one end to help when you’re mixing colors. I really like the fact that it comes with a mixing tray so I don’t have to scramble around my house to find something to blend the product on. However, I feel like the spatula digs up a lot of excess product that ends up going to waste when you are done with it.

The color I decided to use first was number 7, an orangey red. To apply it, I used a lip brush from my “My Makeup Brush” set, which I think was a mistake because the color didn’t appear as smooth and pigmented as it did when I applied it with the Anastasia brush that came with it. However, in the picture, you can’t really tell, which means it photographs great, if that’s something you look for in a product. I think I should also note that my lips were kind of dry when I applied this, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with the way the color initially came out because it doesn’t look as smooth or as thick as liquid lipstick, and I wasn’t a fan.


I was a little iffy on how this lipstick would work because this is a creme, I’m so used to wearing liquid, and, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be making a permanent switch. When I wear liquid, specifically Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, it’s long lasting, and even though it’s kind of drying, it stays in place all night. The formula in the Anastasia Lip Palette didn’t dry my lips out, but it didn’t give me the wear I get with Kat Von D.

About 2 hours later the color is still going strong, which I love, but, after I ate a chicken salad sandwich and some fries, it was almost completely gone. That is kind of expected, but it brings me to my next point: this palette is not the best “on the go” option.


For someone like me who likes to make sure that their lipstick is always picture perfect, carrying a clunky palette around may not be the best option. Also, I always have my lipstick with me, and with this palette it would be hard to carry it around for a quick fix, especially if my purse is small. I think I would like it a lot better if there was a mirror at the top too, instead of the clear plastic, although I like the look it gives.

Next, I tried mixing some shades together, which is what this palette was made for. The two shades I mixed were the Primary 1 and shade number 3. To apply this one, I used the brush that came with the palette, and I found that I got a much smoother and more pigmented look.


For a light purple, I mixed the white (Primary 1 on the palette) and shade number 9.


I then added red (Primary 3) to darken the shade a bit.


One of the downsides to mixing colors like this is I feel like a lot of product goes to waste. It blended easily, but then there’s the issue of not wanting to mix the original color in the palette. You could wipe it off, but that’s a lot of work, or maybe I’m just lazy. The good thing about the mixing tray it comes with is that it can be easily washed, but like I said before, you’re wasting a lot of product. So be sure to use only as much as you need if you don’t want products to go to waste.

In theory, you can add white to any shade to make it lighter, and black to any shade to make it darker. I did notice though, that this palette has a lot more dark shades than light, so if you’re someone who is into light pinks and nudes, this may not be the palette for you.

I also noticed, that the box states that this is “Volume 1,” which makes me wonder if there is going to be a volume two if the product does really well.

Overall, I give this palette a solid 3 stars. It has a super cute and sleek design, but it’s just a little inconvenient and you can easily waste a lot of product if you’re not careful.

I also noticed, that the box states that this is “Volume 1,” which makes me wonder if there is going to be a volume two if the product does really well. I’m sure there’s people out there who would die for a second volume, but I can’t say I’m one of those people. However, if there does happen to be a second volume, I would like to see some lighter and more pastel shades.

In happier news, I’m SUPER excited to announce my first giveaway ever on this blog!

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Good Luck Babes(:

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