Shorts // the trend i never want to go out of style

Hey Babes! 

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you know I’m a fan of all things high waisted, weather it be shorts, skirts, or pants. In fact if you go to my very first post, I mention high waisted shorts as one of the things I love, and that hasn’t changed. That’s why, I never want the “mom shorts” to go out of style.

Mom shorts (and jeans) are a style of denim that have a waist that falls just above your belly button. But, unlike some other types of high waisted shorts/jeans, like skinny jeans, Mom shorts have a vintage 90’s feel to them. High waisted pants have been in for awhile, but it’s only recently that the mom jeans came back into fashion.

If you Google “mom shorts,” several retailers, like TopShop, Urban Outfitters, and Boohoo pop up for you to buy them from. I love all of these stores, but I always get my mom shorts from PacSun. I love the way they fit even on my bloated days, and the wash I choose always matches my wardrobe perfectly.


In my opinion Mom Shorts look good on anybody– and with anything. For this look, I tucked in a white lace tank top from Ross, and threw over a printed cardigan from The Copper Closet.

This is a great casual look but stylish look. It’s perfect for a multitude of things including going to get coffee, the movies, or even hitting up a theme park! I actually replicated this outfit when I went to Universal the other day and got a compliment! And if it gets hot, you can easily just take off the cardigan and still look stylish in your mom shorts.


This second look is a little more club-y. I paired the mom shorts with a yellow off the shoulder crop top from PacSun and a black velvet cap from BCBG.

I’m completely obsessed with this look, I love the color of the shirt. I can’t wait to wear it to my favorite club or downtown on my next girls night. In my opinion, crop tops look the best with mom shorts, and that combination is my go-to.


Have a pair of mom shorts that you have no idea what to wear with? Try tucking in a tee!

This “Today Was a Good Day” ringer looks great tucked in to these PacSun mom shorts. This is a nice laid back outfit for going to get groceries, lounging around your house, or face timing your friends.

Have an old t-shirt from high school you don’t wear anymore? Or from a concert? Tucking a piece like that into mom shorts is a way to make it instantly stylish instead of looking bummy with track shorts. Tank tops also look great tucked in, especially graphic racerbacks!


As you can see, there are several outfits you can put together with the famous mom shorts. I like them better than mom jeans because, well, I’m not really a jeans type of person. Even during the cold months you’ll find me wearing shorts (mom shorts included), skirts, and dresses with knee high socks and tights.

I read in an article somewhere that low-rise jeans might be coming back pretty soon, and I sure hope not that’s not true. I want the high waisted trend, especially mom shorts, to be in forever. But, fashion repeats itself, so if the mom shorts do go out of style again one day, hopefully they’ll be back again.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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