Style // five ways to dress up any outfit

Happy Friday Babes! 

We all have those days where we find ourselves standing in front of our full-length mirror wondering “what else does my outfit need?”

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had instant style tricks up your sleeve to make your outfit more stylish instant of wasting time pondering?

Well, after reading this post, you will, because I’m here to bring you five tips that will amp up your outfits and give you natural style.



1. A Handbag

Think your outfit is ok as it is clothes-wise but still needs a little something extra? Try a handbag! Handbags easily give an extra oomph to whatever your wearing, especially if they’re big statement bags, like this studded brown one from Chinese Laundry. I love this bag because it holds all of my stuff, and most importantly, my laptop. But, you have to be careful with huge bags like this because they can be cluttered easily. I find myself cleaning out this bag at least once every couple of months.


When I’m not using my Chinese Laundry bag, you can find me matching my handbags to my outfits. The two main ones I use are this brown Fossil one and this black Coach one, because they go with everything I wear. I also really like this elephant cross body from Francesca’s that doubles as a clutch when I’m wearing something more bohemian.


Brown and black are good colors to choose if you aren’t going to want to transfer your stuff all the time and want one bag to hold everything and matches. White is nice too, but it gets dirty easily, so keep that in mind while handbag shopping.

Personally, when it comes to bags, I like shopping at places like Dillard’s and Macy’s! They always have a great selection of brands and always have great sales going on. TJ Maxx and Ross are other great options if you want to find brands like Michael Kors, Coach, or Kendall and Kylie at an awesome discount. You can also always check Goodwill or other local thrift and resale stores if you’re looking for cheap brand names.

2. A Cardigan

Cardigans, especially printed ones, are a really easy and comfortable way to dress up any existing outfit. The beauty of cardigans is that they come in all kinds of styles and prints, such as short-sleeve, half-sleeve, long-sleeve, stripes, polka dots, and solid colors. Since there’s so many styles, you’re bound to find the perfect one to add to your outfit. In fact, as I’m writing this, there’s a lady sitting across from me with a blue and white striped cardigan over her t-shirt and jeans. I’m not a stripes type of person, but that cardigan definitely added to her outfit.

This all black outfit is just like any other, until I added this woven aztec printed cardigan to it. This cardigan is short sleeved, making it perfect for spring, and there’s print on the back, which doesn’t make the front too busy with the strappy details, rather than if it was on the front. Also, the cardigan draws attention to my legs, since it stops at my calves, and I paired it with shorts that stop at my thigh.







3. A Necklace

Necklaces can be the perfect statement piece to keep your outfit looking fresh. Like cardigans, there’s all sorts of styles of necklaces out there, long, short, beaded, charm, so the necklace you choose is really based on your preferences. The necklace you choose can add an entire vibe to your outfit, so make sure you don’t mix and match styles. For instance, you don’t want to add a bohemian piece to a preppier pattern.

If I’m choosing a necklace with color, I usually choose one that matches a detail in my outfit. Such as, if there are green flowers on my shorts I might choose a green statement necklace or a necklace that has green in it. One thing I don’t recommend, is putting necklaces over prints and graphics, so there’s an necklace you want to build your outfit around, maybe go for a solid color shirt instead.

Without a necklace, this white scoop looks boring. It has red shorts to complement it and give it a pop of color, but overall, it is a pretty bland combination until you add a necklace. Adding a necklace definitely gives this outfit the upper hand and since it’s longer it gives something people to look at instead of creating all this white space than with a shorter necklace. I chose this necklace specifically because the gold and the black really complement the red shorts.







4. Knot Your Shirt

This next tip is great for t-shirts, in fact, I did a whole post on it. Knotting your shirt is an easy, comfortable way to look effortlessly stylish, and you don’t have to do much thinking.  If the shirt your wearing is long enough and loose enough you can easily tie it in a knot by wrapping the fabric around your two fingers and pulling it through.

The knot is one of my current favorites, it’s so easy and it’s great if you’re feeling lazy. Also it’s easy to imagine your current shirt with a knot when you’re just sitting there staring at yourself in the mirror instead of thinking about what you have in your closet to add to it.

This classic t-shirt is, well, just a t-shirt. If you were to wear this out in public with jeans, you might not feel very stylish. Bring in the knot. Adding a knot gives this tee some style, structure, and looks so much less boring with a pair of blue jeans. The good thing about this specific shirt is that it’s long and loose enough to tie a knot easily.


5. Hats

For some reason, hats scream style, especially floppy ones. There’s just something about them that says you’re stylish. Although, I probably feel that way because one day, when I was at the pool, someone asked what my major was, and when I said “fashion,” they replied “oh I can tell because of the hat.”

I don’t remember what hat I was wearing that day, but I’ve been wearing this black floppy hat from Urban Outfitters a lot lately. It goes with everything! Especially this velvet crop and printed pants, both from The Copper Closet. Without the hat, this outfit looks like any other crop top and pants put together. It’s still cute, but when you add the hat, it gives it an extra boost of style.


Not a fan of floppy hats? The newsboy cap and artist barret caps are quickly coming into style this spring, so if you want another option, add one of those to your wardrobe to amp up your latest outfit.


If you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into your look, but still want to be stylish, try a dad cap. Dad caps were a huge trend last spring and they look super cute with t-shirts and work out clothing, like this “Train Like an Angel” shirt and yoga pants. You might’ve also noticed that in this photo I combined two of these tips, which I’ll elaborate on in a minute.


Hats are a great option for the warm months because they shade your face from the sun. No one wants a red sunburned nose, it hurts, it’s unattractive, and it will look bad in photos! But, you might not want to wear one if you’re going somewhere where you’ll have to take it on and off, like a theme park, or where it’s really windy. At theme parks, a lot of the rides require you to take off sunglasses and hats and things, so if you think that would be a hassle for you, I suggest not wearing one.

The great thing about these tips is that they can be easily combined for a super stylish outfit! For example, you can combine a cardigan, a hat, and lipstick and knock it out of the park.

You don’t want to add too much though, remember what Coco Chanel said “before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

So, if you’re wearing a hat, a necklace, AND, a cardigan, you might consider ditching one of those things. And when you do, you’ll find yourself standing in front of your full-length mirror for good reasons this time.

dress well. eat well. live well.



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