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Hey Babes!

If you love makeup as much as me, then you probably hardly go anywhere without it. Unfortently, makeup isn’t perfect, and although your face may look like perfection walking out the door, it’s not guaranteed to look the same a few hours later.

The other unfortunate thing, is that when it comes time for touching up, you’re probably not going to have your whole makeup collection with you to be able do a full new face. And, if you have a small bag, you’re not going to want to have a bunch of makeup in there. Or even if you have a big bag, a bunch of makeup will just clutter your space. Here’s a list of my top three things you must have in your travel makeup bag.


If you know me, you know I love lipstick. But, what I don’t love, is the fact that it comes off easily, especially when you eat or drink something. Sometimes, the color just fades over time too, depending on the brand and shade of what you’re wearing. That’s why you should always have your lipstick with you for touch ups. The Joker is great, but you don’t want to be walking around looking like him after you eat or in the case of an accidental smear.

My go-to lipstick is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, I have it in several shades. The formula is creamy, tends to be long lasting, and doesn’t all rub off at the slightest touch to a cup. It can be a little drying, but if you apply chapstick to your lips beforehand, it should moisturize them and help the problem.


Not a lipstick person? A clear gloss or chapstick is a great alternative to have in your bag to give your lips some extra shine and/or moisture. If you usually don’t wear anything on your lips, you should start wearing chapstick because it keeps them from feeling dry, especially in cold weather. Ever since ‘I Kissed a Girl’ by Katy Perry came out, Cherry Chapstick has been my favorite, and you can buy it just about anywhere, even the gas station.


Foundation is another key item to have in your makeup travel bag. Throughout the day, your skin may become blotchy or red, so it’s always good to have foundation for touch-ups to even it out.

For a great 2 go item, I love this Smash Box Studio Skin Face Shaping Foundation Stick because it has a built in contour, and while a contour kit isn’t one of my MUST haves, having this on the other end of the foundation stick is pretty convenient. The foundation itself isn’t the best, it is kind of greasy, but the packaging is what makes this product so great for on-the-go.


Another great on-the-go item I really like is Kat Von D’s Lock-It Blotting Powder. Even though it’s not a foundation, it’s great for removing excess oil from your skin, and it gives a perfect matte finish. If your skin gets oily throughout the day, this is the perfect item to have in your travel makeup bag.









Last but not least, eyeliner. Eyeliner is a good thing to carry with you because you never know when yours might smear. Also, there’s a good chance of it fading throughout the day. You also might get invited somewhere else later and may not have time to go home and change into another outfit or put on more makeup.

The eyeliner I use is Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in black. I like it because it’s easy to use, goes on smoothly, and it’s easy to fix any mistake you may make. I have been using this eyeliner for years, and it has never let me down.


You don’t have to stick to just these items in your travel makeup bag, but I find these the easiest to carry and most essential. I hope these tips helped Babes!

dress well. eat well. live well.



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