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I’ve always wanted long flowing hair. But, after my hair got damaged and chopped off to my ear in 2012, I feel like it’s barely grown in six years. Of course, all the bleaching and dying it doesn’t help, but I still wish my hair was a lot longer than it is. Call me gullible, but after I saw a facebook post for *free* hair extensions, I was intrigued.

The post talked about they were only giving away “50 free sets” of extensions a day, and I thought that they would surely all be gone by the time I got to the site. However, when I clicked on the link, I was brought to a site called “Belle Hair” with a selection of hair extensions retailed at $110 marked down to $0.00. I didn’t see anything about only giving away 50 pieces, but I knew there had to be some kind of catch. There always is. Free hair extensions? Too good to be true, especially at the value of $110. Turns out, while the the hair extensions themselves may be free, you still have to pay for shipping. But, the good news is that the shipping only costs $12.95, and not $50, $100, or more than the extensions would have been themselves. It seems like a pretty good deal, but the price does make me question the quality of the extensions, then again price does not always equal quality, so I decided to go for it.

Be aware that after you pay, the website does try to trick you into giving you a “free gift,” which is just another set of extensions that you still have to pay shipping for. Nevertheless, I ordered two sets of extensions, a set of clip ins and a halo, for $25.

To put on the clip-ins, I put all of my hair up into a bun and leave out a small section in the back. Next, I tease that section of hair and clip in the extensions at the scalp. Then I let down another small section of hair and repeat. There’s about three or four sets of extensions to do this with.


To put on the halo extensions, I put my hair in a bun, put the elastic around the crown of my head, and take the bun down. I found the halo extensions much easier to apply and deal with than the clip-ins, but that’s just my opinion.


Unfortunately, these extensions did not work out for me as I had hoped they would, the texture did not match my hair and they looked really unnatural. It might of had something to do with the color being off a little bit, but I think it was mostly due to the fact that my natural hair is so short and layered and these extensions are just so long. If I cut them down a little, I think they would look a lot better.

When it comes to the quality, it’s not that great either. The hair is really soft, but I feel like the extensions are going to fall apart at any second, and that’s not a good feeling if you want to wear them constantly. I’ve had hair extensions before, but they were thicker and better quality than these, however, I did pay a lot more than just $12.95 for them.

There are some questionable things about this website, like how there aren’t any extensions that aren’t on “sale” (the only ones that have a price other than zero are the “human hair” extensions and they are marked down to $64.95 from $500), how they reserve your order for ten minutes once you decide to check out, and how they say they give away one free pair of hair extensions for every person that buys a pair at full price, when it seems like it’s impossible to buy a pair at full price. But other than that, if you need a cheap pair of extensions for an event or something, these aren’t bad. But if you’re looking  for long-term use, I would say invest in something better quality.

If you’re interested in getting “free” hair extensions, head over to!

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