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Crop tops have been in style now for a while, and they’re one of my favorite trends. Whenever I go out, I’m most likely wearing some combination of a crop top and pants. However, some people may not be bold enough to wear a crop top because they may think it will look bad, or have nothing to wear it with. If that sounds like you, then I have good news for you: this post is all about how to style a crop top. Keep reading to find out my favorite ways to wear crop tops.

    1. High Waist

    In my opinion, crop tops look best with anything high waisted. If you wear bootie shorts, it could look a little trashy. A great spring look is this floral crop from Forever 21 Red with my mom shorts from Pacsun and and black floppy hat from Urban Outfitters, the colors go great together.

  1. IMG_5117
  1. 2. Color Match


    Another way to style a crop top is to color match. If your top is a certain color and you can find that same color on some bottoms, or vice versa, they might go together. For example, the black stripes on this crop top from Walmart matches these black high waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe. I added my black hat from Urban Outfitters for an extra touch.

  1. IMG_5110









    3. Prints

    A third way you can style a crop top is with prints. Prints make anything look cute, stripes, florals, polka dots, you name it. I paired a maroon crop top from Walmart with these elephant pants from The Elephant Pants, and my headband from Natural Life, and it’s a super cute bohemian look. I love The Elephant Pants because a portion of every sale goes to help saving elephants, so I encourage you to check them out. This look could also fall under the category of color matching too, since the crop top and details on the pants are the same color.


4. Denim

A fourth way to style a crop top is simple: denim. Denim goes with everything, so why not a crop top? For a nice evening look, I paired another maroon crop top from Reef with dark denim jeans from Aeropostale and a pair of brown heels (not pictured), making it perfect for a night on the town.


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