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Hey Babes!

When you think about it, fashion trends are really interesting. The newest trends are seen on the runway first, and then they eventually trickle down to fast fashion retailers, and suddenly, everyone is wearing them. At least, the majority of everyone. You can’t please everybody out there, so when a new trend hits, there’s guaranteed to be a select group of people who dislike it. For me, there’s rarely a trend I dislike, however, over the years, there has been a couple of trends that I absolutely despise, and that’s what today’s blog post is about: fashion trends I dislike.

Denim on Denim

I mentioned this once in a previous post, but I do not like the “denim on denim” look, it’s too much blue! Also, I think that it’s too much of one type of fabric and, in my opinion, it doesn’t look the best. Another reason why I dislike denim on denim is because a lot of times the colors don’t match up, and my personal style is really match-y match-y. I know there’s a trick to it to make it look good (you can’t just throw on any old denim shirt over jeans), but regardless, I still don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, some people can pull it off and make it look really good, it’s just not for me.

For the sake of the picture, I decided to try it and paired a button down denim from Target with some overalls from H&M. Target no longer has my shirt in stock, but you can find a similar one here.


Mixed Prints

This next trend really annoys me. Like I said before, my style is really match-y match-y, and mixed prints, well, they don’t match. In my opinion, flowers and stripes, or polka dots and plaid, and/or whatever other patterns, don’t go together. One time, I walked into a Forever 21 and there were mixed prints on all the mannequins, ugh! The only time I will wear a mixed print is if it is already on the piece. For example if a shirt has stripes and polka dots already on it. I know florals over stripes is a really popular one, but I usually don’t gravitate toward those types of pieces anyway. As with denim on denim, mixed prints look really good on some people, but I’d still rather see a printed top paired with a solid, or vice versa.

Again, for a picture’s sake, I put together a mix and match look of a striped top from Target and floral maxi skirt from Pacsun, even though it made me really uncomfortable. Here is a similar top and here is a similar skirt.


What do you think about denim on denim? Mixed prints? Are there any trends out there that you dislike? Let me know in the comments section, and always, let me know your suggestions, concerns, or anything else you want to tell me! Thanks Babes!

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