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Tie front tops have been in for awhile now, but how do you style them?

First, let’s talk about what you can wear under a tie front top. You can wear a tank top, crop top, or, if you’re feeling gutsy, nothing! Tie front are great for any occasion, and here are a couple of ways to style them.

Jeans + Boots

One way to style a tie front top is with a classic pair of blue jeans and a nice pair of boots. Boots are always a staple for fall fashion, and why wouldn’t they look good with a tie front top? I paired my mustard tie front top from Forema with a pair of blue jeans from Belk and a pair of brown booties from Charlotte Russe. I think riding boots would look really good with this look too, but I couldn’t find my pair. Under my tie front top, I chose to wear a white cami from Forever 21. This is a great fall look, but if it’s a little plain for you, you can try adding a gold necklace.


Button Down Skirt + Hat

Another way to style a wrap top is with a button down skirt and a hat, and you can even add knee high socks if the weather is cold. I paired the same mustard wrap top from above with a garnet button down skirt from Forema, and my black floppy hat from Urban Outfitters. I love the way all the colors go together in this look, and I think this one of my new favorite fall looks. Under this wrap top, I’m wearing a black cropped tee from Target. I chose to change out the white tank top because the black shirt matches my hat.



I hope this post gives you some inspiration on how to style a tie front top you may have sitting in your closet! As always, leave your feedback in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@x.stylebabe.x) and check out my new YouTube channel.

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