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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I know all the stores and shopping centers in the Orlando area are busy with people trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, and probably have been since Black Friday. Are you done with your shopping? Have you even started yet? Well, in case you need to pick up a few more items, and the people left on your list just so happen to be beauty lovers, this is the perfect post for you to read because it’s a gift guide with gifts any beauty fanatic will love, whether it be your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, brother, you name it! Keep reading for six beauty related gifts that are bound to make you loved by your loved ones.

The Beautyblender Sweet Indulgence Set

Launched exclusively for Sephora’s 2018 holiday collection, this package includes four Beautyblenders, each a different color, and a matching Beautyblender solid cleanser. I myself have used a few different makeup sponges, but have found the Original Beautyblender to be the best. Just check out my comparison of the Beautyblender and Real Techniques sponge here. However, these sponges can get expensive. At $20 a pop, it’s a splurge for a lot of people, not to mention you have to replace it every two months. That’s why this Sweet Indulgence set makes a great Christmas gift, especially if you know that the person you’re shopping for actually incorporates makeup sponges into their everyday makeup routine. And if they don’t, this is the perfect opportunity to expand their collection. One thing I love about this set is the packaging. It comes in a colorful prism that unfolds displaying all four Beautyblenders and their correlating cleaners placed neatly in a row. And, there’s sprinkles pictured on the top fold, who doesn’t love sprinkles? Seriously, whoever you get this for is bound to love it You can get this set now at Sephora for only $65, and that’s a great deal considering it’s a $112 value.


The Too Faced Dream Queen Limited-Edition Makeup Collection


Another item that exclusively launched in this year’s Sephora holiday collection was the Too Faced Dream Queen Limited-Edition Makeup Collection. I love this collection and I think it makes the perfect gift because it comes with pretty much everything you need to create a full face, except foundation. In the set, you get a mini Too Faced Hangover primer/setting spray, a mini Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, a mini Pink Swan lip gloss, an eyeshadow palette that includes blush, bronzer, and a highlighting shade, and a zip up tote bag that you can carry it all in. The best thing about this kit is that it’s SWAN THEMED. The tote has little ribbon wearing white swans all over it, and so does the front/inside of the eyeshadow palette and lid of the lip gloss. Another fun little detail is that the eyeshadow shades all have holiday themed names, such as “Silver Bells,” “Christmas  FOMO,” “Let’s Kringle,” and “Secret Santa.” So the collection itself isn’t necessarily holiday themed, but the shades inside the eyeshadow palette are, so you can use this palette year-round without feeling awkward. This is a great gift for not only makeup lovers, but maybe for someone in your life who loves makeup but doesn’t have a lot of variety in their makeup collection, such as primer, or who maybe can’t afford some of the higher-end stuff, but wants it. Also, I happen to have this collection myself, and if you’re wondering about the quality, I can tell you that it is GREAT, especially the eyeshadow palette. The colors are pigmented and they blend really well. Whoever you gift this to won’t be disappointed, and if you want to keep it for yourself, that’s ok too. I won’t tell. Get it at Sephora for only $58, a $357 value!



This next item in my beauty gift guide may be slightly pricey at $165, but for a beauty fanatic, or even aspiring makeup artist, this product is so worth it. It’s the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Master Collection brush set. If you don’t already know, Jaclyn Hill is a major beauty guru/vlogger/makeup artist, and she just recently collaborated with the brand Morphe and released a set of makeup brushes called The Master Collection. This set comes with 25 brushes including a powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, blender brush, upper crease brush, pencil brush, all over lid brush, brow bone highlight brush, and eyeliner smudge brush, just to name a few. Also, it’s good to note that some of the brushes have natural hairs, while some have synthetic hairs, and one even has a blend of synthetic and natural hair. The difference between synthetic and natural hair is that synthetic bristles are man-made, while natural bristles come from natural animal hair. This collection has a great variety of both, making it the perfect gift for the beauty guru in your life. It even comes with a case for optimal storage, how convenient. Get it now at


Urban Decay Born to Run Vault

This item is similar to the Too Faced Dream Queen collection, but it’s by Urban Decay. It’s the Urban Decay Born to Run Vault. Like the Dream Queen collection, the Born to Run Vault comes with a palette, a mini eyeshadow primer, a mini setting spray, a mini mascara, and a bag to put it all in. However, unlike the Dream Queen collection, the Born to Run Vault comes with a full size lipstick instead of a mini one, and an eyeliner, which the Dream Queen collection doesn’t have. That being said, this Urban Decay collection is a little pricer than the Too Faced one at $98, and the value only being $129, where the Too Faced collection was a $357 value for only $58, but it’s still a great deal. As for the quality, I can only speak for the eyeshadow primer potion, setting spray, and eyeliner, because they’re the only ones I’ve personally used, and I can say I love all of them. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and the All-Nighter setting spray are a part of my every day makeup routine, and I highly recommend them, they’re great formulas. As for the eyeliner, I love a thick black waterline, and the Urban Decay eye pencil is great at doing the trick, plus, it stays on all night! Even though I haven’t tried the lipstick, mascara, or eyeshadow, I can say that by just looking at the picture, the colors in the eyeshadow palette are eye catching. There’s a lot of oranges, some pinks/purples, blues, greens, and cream colors, as well as a mix of matte and shimmer shades. It seems like a great palette for creating a lot of fall/winter looks. This is an awesome gift for anyone who loves Urban Decay, or again, anyone who needs more of a variety of makeup or who maybe can’t afford high-end products. The only downside to this gift is that it’s ONLINE ONLY, and limited edition, so if you’re going to gift this to that special someone, you better hurry to!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

The fifth item on my list is the limited edition Sultry palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia has come out with several eyeshadow palettes, including the Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, and Norvina eyeshadow palettes, and any of them would be great gifts, but what makes the Sultry palette such a great gift is that it’s great for a smokey eye. It features 14 neutral, cool tone, matte, and shimmer shades that make creating a smokey eye a breeze. The colors in this palette are also great for fall/winter, or anyone who wears more neutral or nude colors. So if you have someone in your life that sticks to more brown eyeshadows rather than the reds and the purples, this would be an amazing palette for them.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Macaron Set

Who doesn’t love a blinding highlight? I know I do. In fact, when I go to highlight my face, Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in the shade Champagne Pop is my go-to. I love how pigmented and buttery it is, and how well the Champagne Pop shade complements my skin tone. On top of that, it’s buttery and easy to apply. However, Champagne Pop isn’t the only shade in this line of highlighters, and in this gift set, you get FOUR mini versions of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, each in a different shade. This is perfect to give to anyone who wants to up their highlighting game, they’ll be set on highlighters for awhile, with a lot of options to choose from. And, it’s a great deal at only $40 and a $76 value.


Well Babes, I hope this gift guide steers you in the right direction when shopping for your makeup loving friends and family, or maybe even you saw something you want to snag for yourself. (No shame in that)

What’s on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments!

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