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New year, new you! For many, January is the month for starting over, and getting a fresh start. It’s also the busiest time for gyms all over the USA, and it will be until about probably February or March. Along with the new year, comes many new fashion trends, as seen on the Spring 2019 runways. Before December was even over, there was already several articles predicting what will be the newest thing in 2019, and telling you what to watch for as the new year approaches. Among those forecasts, is tie-dye. Get ready, because apparently, tie-dye is coming back in 2019. I’m sure you have all seen tie-dye, it’s swirls of bold colors into different patterns that was really popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The cool thing about tie-dye, is that it’s super easy to do yourself, so if you want to get in on this 2019 trend, it’ll be really easy to do, but more on that later.


If you want to buy a garment that is pre-tie-dyed, American Eagle Outfitters has some really cute pieces on clearance, such as this one, this one, and this one. They also have tie-dyed football tees on sale in the men’s section, so head on over there to see if they have your favorite team available in a cool tie-dye look. Another cool thing I found, is this tie-dye Boho Bandeau from Natural Life. I have a couple of these in other patterns, and I love them because you can wear them in multiple ways, such as a top, a headband around your forehead, a ponytail, or even a bracelet. In my opinion, this specific Boho Bandeau would look great as a top paired with some distressed white pants.

If you have a tie-dye piece that is a little more colorful, such as this rainbow one I bought from a t-shirt stand in Cocoa Beach, Florida, a couple of years ago, you can never go wrong with denim. If you want to channel your inner hippie, you can tuck a shirt like this into some blue bell bottoms. Even though it’s a t-shirt, I made it look a little more sophisticated with these white mid-rise cropped boyfriend jeans from Target. I also like to wear this shirt with black leggings, a combination that was great whenever I needed to go study somewhere.


If you’re feeling a little artsy, and want to create your own tie dye t-shirt, follow the steps here. It’s pretty simple, fun, and one of a kind! Remember to be creative!

What do you think of tie dye coming back? Let me know in the comments! Thanks Babes!

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