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The fanny pack is one of those trends I never thought I’d see make a comeback. When I was a little girl, they were all rage, a must-have for when you’re doing activities such as walking your dog or riding rides at an amusement park. However, when I became a teenager, the same waist accessory was among one of the most uncool things you could wear. Now, in my twenties, I’ve been seeing the fanny pack slowly start to rise again, and in 2019, they’re a huge trend, but, with a twist.

If you haven’t heard of a fanny pack, it’s basically a purse with a waist strap you can buckle around your waist. (You can read my post on the trend here.) But, come to find out, the belt bag doesn’t have to be worn as a belt at all.

One of the newest up and coming trends is wearing your fanny pack like a cross body bag. I really like this trend because it’s a different way to accessorize your outfit. Also, if you’re not too fond of belts or having something around your waist, wearing a belt bag across your body feels like just wearing a purse, instead of having that belted feeling.

I have this Micahel Kors leopard print fanny pack which I wore around my waist one time with a crop top and shorts. But, I can also wear it on my chest, and it looks great with this black lace up bodysuit from Macy’s (similar here), black skater skirt from Wal-Mart, and leopard booties from Charlotte Russe (similar here). I really like the leopard accents in this look, I think that it makes the outfit a little trendier opposed to an all black outfit, which is still stylish, but pretty basic.

If you can find a clear fanny pack, like this Adidas one from Urban Outfitters it’d be perfect for sporting events or concerts that have a “clear bag rule.” And, wearing it like a sling is comfortable, so you’d be pretty much hands free, which, to me, is ideal.

The cool thing about this trend, is that it’s gender neutral, so anyone can wear it. I think it’s pretty rare seeing a man with a choker, but a fanny pack? Not uncommon at all. Especially at places like theme parks.

One piece of advice I have, is that if you like the cross-body belt bag look, but don’t like it moving around, you can tape the strap to your clothes with fabric tape. I don’t have any experience with this, but you can get fabric tape here.

Well Babes, that’s all I have for now!

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