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Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: travel season. Weather you’re traveling three hours or thirteen hours, you want to have the most comfortable trip possible. That means pillows, blankets, headphones, whatever you need to ensure that you’re cozy.

A popular travel item, especially when flying, is a neck pillow. Neck pillows are pretty convenient because they fit around your neck snuggly, and aren’t too big and bulky. Imagine being on an airplane and the person next to you has a full-size pillow that takes up a lot of room. Yikes.

Anyway, there’s the classic neck pillow that is black or gray, and then there’s neck pillows that are decorative and stylish, like this one from Beall’s Outlet that is pink with the word ‘Paris’ written all over it along with pictures of the Eiffel Tower and other French things.



I like this specific neck pillow because it’s made of memory foam, which makes it extra comfortable. In fact, I’m using right now as I write this post while laying on my futon cuddled in a blanket, and I am comfy as heck.

Another thing I like about this pillow is that it has snaps on the front to secure it around you so that you can move in it without it coming off or slipping. You can also attach it around a piece of your luggage so you won’t have your hands full. It’s a feature I’ve never seen in a travel pillow before, and I think it’s really innovative.

If you’re traveling sometime soon and want a cute neck pillow, look no further, because I have a list of ten super stylish neck pillows you’re going to want to check out before your next vaycay.


1. Bucky Minnie ‘Blooms’ Compact Neck Pillow

This cute neck pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond features a pretty floral design. It’s shaped like more of a wider ‘U’, so it won’t reach all the way down to your shoulder, but, the nice thing about this pillow is that it is filled with millet hulls that you can remove or add back in to adjust it to your comfort level. It too, has a snap so you can attach it to your luggage or purse, and, like a lot of travel pillows, you can take the cover off so you can wash it if it gets dirty or stained. It’s a little pricey, retailing at $33.99, but Bed Bath & Beyond often gives 20% coupons. They also price match, so if you find it cheaper somewhere else, they will give it to you for that price. If you like this shape but don’t want to pay $40, Bucky has cheaper options that are the same shape, but different designs, like this Minnie ‘Damask’ Compact Neck Pillow.


2. Paradiso

If you like floral patterns, but the Bucky pillow isn’t your style, then check out this floral ‘Paradiso’ travel pillow. It’s a pastel yellow and features leaves and flowers that look hand painted. In my opinion, the cutest thing about this neck pillow is that the phrase ‘wish you were here’ is embroidered on the top. What a perfect phrase for travel!

Instead of snaps, this pillow has a tie on the bottom so you can secure it to your neck or suitcase, but, in my opinion it’s more likely to come undone. I would say that that is the only downside because you can also remove the cover of this one.



3. Pugs and Hearts

Amazon has EVERYTHING. And, if you’re a Prime member like my family is, you can get your item(s) within two days. I don’t think Jeff Bezos knew what a success the website would be when he created it.

When I said Amazon has everything, I wasn’t exaggerating, because they even have neck pillows for a specific dog breed, like this pink neck pillow that has baby Pugs and hearts on it. Like my Paris one, this travel pillow is made of memory foam, so you know it’s comfortable. And just like the other two pillows, the cover is removable so you can wash it. The only thing it doesn’t have compared to the other two is a snap/string so you can attach it to something. But, if that’s not a big deal to you, then I would totally suggest this pillow. Who doesn’t love puppies?

I’ve always loved Pugs, even before I had one. That’s why I chose to list this specific neck pillow. But, if you’re a fan of another dog breed, Amazon probably has something that will fit your needs. Like this corgi and donut neck pillow, yorkies with bows neck pillow, beagle with sundae neck pillow, and golden retriever and flowers neck pillow.

Don’t see ‘your’ breed? Just type the breed you like and ‘neck pillow’ after it, and you’re bound to find some good options. Didn’t I say Amazon has everything?




4. Flower Shop Neck Pillow and Sleep Mask Set

For some people just a pillow isn’t enough. Sleep masks and headphones are some other items that people like to use when traveling. You could get a sleep mask separately, or you could purchase this ‘Flower Shop’ neck pillow and sleep mask set from Nordstrom.

It comes from the same company that sells the floral ‘Paradiso‘ pillow, so you know it’s going to be cute. You can see the similarities too, like the tie front string feature. While the ‘Paradiso‘ pillow had a more tropical vibe, the ‘Flower Shop‘ pillow is more garden-like, featuring roses instead of palm leaves.

Unlike the ‘Paradiso‘ pillow though, the ‘Flower Shop‘ design doesn’t have a saying embroidered on the actual pillow, but, the pink and red sleep mask has the phrase “Am I Dreaming?” stitched across it.

The good thing about buying these together, is that you know they’ll match. I am a person that loves all of my things color coordinated, so this would be perfect for me.

This set is on the more expensive side at $42, but, if you’re someone that travels a lot, or, you’re going to be taking an extra long trip, it’s worth the investment.


5. Leopard Print

One of the biggest trends for the spring/summer 2019 season is leopard print, so it only makes sense that TopShop is currently selling a leopard print neck pillow.

This travel pillow is pretty standard. There’s not much to it besides the design and removable cover, but, if you’re an animal print lover, then this would be a super cute option for you.

Leopard Print Neck Pillow – $28.00


6. Animal Hood

If you’re a child at heart, or have a little one traveling with you, there’s a lot of cool options. One of my faves is this sloth shaped one, because it comes with a hood. And, it’s a SLOTH. One of the cutest details of this pillow is that there’s little claws on either end, so it looks like a real sloth!

This kind of reminds me of that hooded blanket that went viral in a Facebook video awhile back. The best part about it is, that it doesn’t look too kid-ish, so adult you can bring out your inner child.

However, if you do have a kid, another good option would be something like this from HoodiePillow. It’s the same concept of the sloth, except that it’s made for kids. These ones definitely look a little more childish, but they have different designs, so your kid can pick out their favorite one!

Sloth Travel Pillow – 34.99
HoodiePillow Kids Neck Pillow – $24.95

7. Animal Head

If you like animals, but aren’t bold enough to sport a neck pillow with a hood attachment, there’s plenty of travel pillows that have an animal head on them but don’t have a hood, like this cute fox travel pillow from Forever 21.

I used to have a travel pillow wth a koala head on it that I got inside an airport shop, but sadly, I have no idea what happened to it. It’s not my style anymore anyway though.

The good thing about the fox pillow is that it’s only $6.93, which is probably going to be the cheapest one on this list. And, it has the snap feature that the leopard print and sloth pillows don’t have. Just remember where you’re getting it from, because even though it’s cheap, it may not be the best quality. I’ve had clothing from Forever 21 rip the first time I wore it, so if you do buy this pillow, I hope something like that doesn’t happen to you.



8. Speaker Pillow

Remember when I said Amazon has everything? Well, they even have a cute neck pillow that has SPEAKERS and a headphone jack. If you’re a music lover and want to be unbothered while on an airplane, this pillow is perfect for you. It even has bluetooth connectivity, how cool is that?

But, my favorite thing about this pillow is the fact that it’s square. Usually, neck pillows are a ‘U’ shape with round edges, but, this one has square corners at the top. I think it’s a really unique shape, and the concept is amazing. And, it’s not even that expensive. At $19.99, it’s a steal.

9. Sports Teams

If you love to rep your college or your favorite sports team, you can do it with a travel pillow. Since I’m a Florida State Alum, I’m a fan of this FSU neck pillow from the college’s bookstore. Check your own school’s bookstore to see if they have something similar, there’s a good chance they do.

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a good selection of sports team neck pillows, like this Green Bay Packers one, Dallas Cowboys one, or Pittsburgh Steelers one. Head to the Bed Bath & Beyond website to see if they have your team.

10. Customized

If you’re a sentimental person, then you might be interested in this custom neck pillow on Etsy. You simply upload all the photos you would like on the pillow, and the seller prints them on a ‘U’ shaped neck pillow for you.

Besides the photos you want, you can also choose between fleece and sot stretch fabric, making it totally custom. If you know someone that loves to travel, this would be an AMAZING git.


Personalized Travel Neck Pillow – $39.00+



What is your favorite neck pillow on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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