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Tomorrow is going to be a super exciting day for me, because I FINALLY got a job, my first one since graduating in December 2017. On Sunday afternoon, I had an interview at an awesome store, and on Monday evening, I got the phone call saying they wanted to bring me on the team.

I thought the interview went pretty well, but I definitely didn’t walk out of it expecting to get the job like I have with other interviews. But, it seems like whenever I feel that way, I end up getting rejected. Kind of like when you take a test and think you aced it, but then later realize you failed it, and vice versa.

Anyway, the interviewer, and my new manager, liked my outfit and said I looked “very cute.” So, I’m going to share my interview outfit with you Babes, because it’s one of my favorite outfits ever, and not just because it helped me get a job.

I’ve showcased this outfit in another post of mine, (read here), but I’m going to give you the details and multiple ways you can wear it.

Remember Delia’s? Well I still have a crop top that I bought from there years ago (similar here), and that was the first piece to my interview outfit. I know what you’re thinking, “a crop top?” Yes. But, it’s long enough to not show skin if you wear the right items, and that’s exactly what I did.

The second piece of my interview outfit was a cute maroon button down high waisted skirt from one of my favorite boutiques called Forema (similar here). Like I said before, if you wear the correct pieces with that Delia’s crop top (similar here), it won’t show skin, and something high waisted is one of those things. The skirt also has a cinched waist, so it draws attention to your middle and will make it appear slimmer. You can also tuck the crop top in a little bit so that you’re guaranteed not to show skin.

I think the colors go really well together, and, high waisted , as well as black clothing makes you appear slimmer, so you’ll feel confident about yourself. Just what you need for an interview! If you wanted, you could also do a white top as well.

The third piece of my interview outfit is the one that brings it all together, and it is this yellow tie front top also from Forema. The tie front stops where the skirt starts, and the combo of the tie front top and cinched-waisted skirt make your waist appear extra slim. This shirt also has puffed out elbows, so while it draws attention to to your arms, the fabric isn’t fitted or sheer, so if you’re self conscious about your upper arms like I am, they won’t look as thick as they normally would.

I experimented with a a couple of different ways you could style the tie front top. You can just tie it in the front like normal, which is what I did for my interview, or you can thread it through the belt loops before tying it. Another option you could do is wrap the ties around the belt loops multiple times so that the loops are covered.

Each way to wear this top gives it a different look. When you lace the shirt through your belt loops, more of the black is shown, and when you wrap it around the belt loops, the yellow covers the red. It just depends on what look you want.


Lastly, to top off this outfit, I wore a felt hat from Altar’d State and my black over the knee boots from Belk (similar here). I think these two things complete the look, and give it an all over different vibe than if you were to wear it with black pumps or booties and have a black headband in your hair.

What do you think of this outfit for an interview? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!



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