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Lately, I’ve been really wanting some eyelash extensions. But, they’re expensive and you have to take REALLY good care of them. Also, you need to fill them in every couple of weeks, and that’s another 80 bucks or so. If you get your nails done, you know the struggle.

While letting my dogs out, I had a talk with my neighbor who is an ethistecian, and she advised me that if I were to get extensions, I should get a lash lift first. A lash lift? That sounded fun. And cheaper than extensions. And not so high maintenance.

When I took my dogs inside, I decided to do my research. In Orlando, there’s two places I know of that have lash extension deals, where after your first full set, you can pay a monthly fee that includes a certain number of fills. One of those places is called Amazing Lash Studio, which I found out about at the shopping center’s Galentine’s Day event in February. The same Galentine’s Day event where I got my tanning membership.

Amazing lash studio has an awesome offer, where if it’s your first time getting lashes, you only have to pay between $80-$90, and if you want, you can enroll in their membership program and pay $100 a month for two fills that month. Considering how expensive an initial set of eyelash extensions are, and the money you’ll spend on all the fills after, that’s a great deal.

On the Amazing Lash Studio website, there’s a section for lash lifts, but nothing about pricing, so I decided to call my nearest location and get the info straight from the source. Come to find out, they weren’t doing lash lifts just yet, but they were looking for models. I jumped at that opportunity, and got an appointment scheduled for this morning at 10 am.

Whether you’re getting a lash lift or extensions, or both, getting your eyelashes done looks and feels glamorous, but, it’s a long process. If you’re thinking about getting a lash lift but don’t know exactly what it entails, keep reading for all the details.

When I said it was a long process, I meant it. I know for lash extensions, getting your initial set takes about two hours, so that’s how long I was expecting to be in there for. However, it only took about half that time, but, it was still a lengthy process that I’m about to share with you.

First off, you should be aware that when getting a lash lift or extensions, your eyes have to be closed the WHOLE time. That’s 1-2 hours of just laying there with your eyes closed. I’m a pretty antsy person, so I thought it would be a struggle for me, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Also, at the salon I went to, they had a relaxing music playing and a fluffy blanket you could use if you get cold.

When the day came for my lash lift, I arrived at the studio a little early, and I had to fill out some paperwork. It was mainly asking if I had any eye sensitivities and what my eye health was like, and there was a waiver I needed to sign. There also was a section on the paperwork talking about a ‘patch’ test, where they test your eye to see if there’s a reaction to the chemicals and adhesives used, but, if you consent to that, you have to wait to get your procedure done.

After filling out my paperwork, I was instructed to wash my lids with some sort of cleanser. It didn’t sting or anything. but I do feel like it made my eyes a little dry. But maybe that’s what it was supposed to do.

When I was greeted by my technician and taken to the back to get my lash lift done, I felt at ease. The girl doing my lift was extremely friendly, and made sure I was comfortable and would have a good experience. She asked me if I had ever had it done before, and when I said no, she made sure I knew what to expect. We also went over how curled I wanted my lashes.

It’s hard for me to explain the process, so here is a video to see how the process works. Basically, gel pads were placed on my eyelids and underneath my eyes, and from there, each individual eyelash was brushed up. After the perm and the lotion was applied, she curled my lashes up with a heated curler. It felt really nice!

Below are before and after photos of my lashes. In the second photo, it looks like I’m wearing mascara, but I’m really not! In the before photo, you can see how my eyelashes look like they’re sticking straight out, but with the lift, they have more volume and curl up.

If you decide to get your lashes lifted, the most important thing to take away from this post is that you CAN NOT wet your eyelashes or wear mascara for at least 24 hours after the lift. Exposing them to heat is a no-no also. After the 24 hours, it’s ok to get them wet or wear mascara, but if you do choose to wear mascara, make sure it is NOT waterproof. Doing any of these things will deactivate the perm.

How long does it last? About six weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes. I think lash lifts are a great alternative to extensions, especially if you don’t want the maintenance.

Would you ever get your lashes lifted?


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