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Who here likes Grumpy Cat? You know, the fluffy cat with the angry looking face? There’s tons of memes, and even merchandise, of him. Well, I like Grumpy Cat as much as the next cat-lover, but, although I consider him to be my spirit animal, we can’t forget the OG grumpy cat: Happy Bunny.

If you were born in the 90’s, you probably remember everything about this “happy” bunny. Despite his name, he was, in fact, not happy. While grumpy cat actually looks upset, Happy Bunny is seen smiling in all his pictures, which is where he probably gets his name from.

Basically, if you don’t know, or remember, Happy Bunny was a cartoon bunny found on all kinds of merchandise, like shirts, posters, hats, keychains, stickers, etc. But, even though he’s seen smiling, his pictures accompany negative, sarcastic, and sassy phrases, such as “I hate everything,” “look how nice I am not laughing at your dumbness,” and “cute but psycho, things even out.”


When I was in elementary school, I had a lot of Happy Bunny merchandise, that I mainly bought at Claire’s. The term ‘spirit animal’ wasn’t around back then, but if it was, he would’ve definitely been mine. I was a very sassy and defiant child. I actually still have some Happy Bunny things, like this “I hate everyone” magnet, and “I love the whole dumb world” poster. That poster is actually still on my wall today.

I really like the “cute but psycho” phrase, but some of my other favorite happy bunny quotes are “it’s cute how stupid you are,” “it’s not fair to you how cool I am,” and “would you like to suck on a mint? since you already suck all the time,” which was actually on a tin of mints.

Sadly, you can rarely find Happy Bunny merch in stores like Hot Topic, Claire’s, or Spencer’s nowadays, but Zazzle has their own official ‘Happy Bunny’ store where you can choose a phrase and purchase all sorts of products with that saying on it! Check out this “hi, loser” tank. Also, if you really want to re-live your childhood, you can always check places like eBay, Poshmark, or Amazon. I found these Happy Bunny pajama pants for only $5 on eBay!


So, I love Grumpy Cat, and my dog even has a Grumpy Cat pillow, but, in my eyes, Happy Bunny will always be the GOAT.

Do you remember Happy Bunny? What is your favorite Happy Bunny quote?

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