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Welcome to the fourth installment of TBT! I have a lot of good throwbacks coming up, but the one I’m writing about today will probably be my favorite of all time because I was absolutely obsessed with it as a child. And that ‘it’ is Lisa Frank!

If you’ve never heard of Lisa Frank, it was a brand in the 80’s and 90’s that had a very colorful theme. The characters were mostly animals, and you could find designs on notebooks, pens and pencils, folders, among other items.

I loved Lisa Frank as a little girl, the colors, the animals, everything. I remember I had this giant Lisa Frank trunk that was full of random things like school supplies and stickers, and I scrounged up all my allowance and change just to buy it.

While cleaning my room the other day, I found an old sticker book that I put all my favorite Lisa Frank stickers in. The front even had a spot for ‘my most popular sticker,’ ‘my coolest sticker,’ ‘my first sticker,’ and ‘my smallest sticker.’

Dalmatians were my favorite animal when I was a child, so no wonder three out of four of those spots are Dalmatian stickers, or maybe, they’re the only ones I had, because there’s a whole page of just Dalmatian stickers. The second page of my book is full of the twin cat stickers, so obviously I had a lot of those also. The rest of the book is blank, except for the verrrryyy last page that has a school picture day sticker. Remember those? Ah, memories.

I didn’t realize it when I was a kid, but the turtle (named Peekaboo) has hippie-like flowers on it’s shell, which I really dig. I like the little guy now more than the Dalmatians, isn’t it crazy how much we change throughout our life?

I wish I could find more of my Lisa Frank stuff, it’s probably in my garage somewhere, but, lucky for me, if I ever wanted to purchase something of Lisa Frank, Hot Topic came out with a line of LF merch. It’s not as great as the original, but it’s good enough. The only weird thing to me is that the brand did a collaboration with Spongebob and Care Bears, so those characters are featured on a couple of the shirts.

For vintage Lisa Frank, you can check eBay or Etsy, there’s a lot of unique items on there, like this organizer, this mini tote. The girl on the front of the tote reminds me of a witch, and if I was a Lisa Frank character, I’d probably be her.


Do you remember Lisa Frank? What was your favorite thing about it? Let me know in the comments, along with any other suggestions!


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