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Most of the time when something is “free,” or highly discounted, it’s really not, or it turns out to be a giant scam. However, I came across an awesome makeup brand that offers a FREE 14-day trial of their full sized foundation, all you have to do is pay five dollars shipping and handling. The catch? Besides paying shipping, which they clearly state in the ad, there really isn’t one.

Il Makiage is a makeup line that started in 2013, but launched in Spring 2018. The whole idea behind it is “makeup for maximalists” and “minimalism is dead.” They claim to use professional formulas, and they are also cruelty and paraben free, which is awesome. If that’s not innovative enough, they offer a free trial of their foundation, so you can try before you buy.

The best part about this free foundation trial, is that you take an in-depth quiz to find your foundation and shade number. The quiz asks you things like what kind of coverage and finish you’re looking for, what your skin type is, as well as your skin tone and undertones. They also ask how you apply your foundation, what foundation you currently use, and if you set it with anything. My favorite part about this quiz, besides how detailed it is, is that the brand adds humor to the answers, like if you choose that you have balanced skin, is says “balanced. yeah I’m blessed.”

My answers to the quiz are as follows:

What is your skin type?: Combination. Each part of my face has a mind of its own.

What coverage are you craving?: Full

What kind of finish are you looking for?: Matte. A velvety shine-free finish.

Which one of these is closest to your skin tone?: Medium

Which one of these skin tones best matches yours?: Medium Tan

What is your undertone?: Yellow/Warm

You picked yellow/warm undertone

That means you likely:

  1. Veins appear to have a greenish hue
  2. Tan or darken when out in the sun
  3. Look better in gold jewelry

I chose ‘no’ because I don’t think I look better in gold, which led to the following set of questions:

Turn your light on, push your sleeves up and check out the veins on the inside of your wrists. Are they more blue or green?: More Green

Not which you like more, but which brings out your most natural glow: Girl, I look good in everything. (I didn’t know how to answer this question, so I chose the third answer, although my sister says I look good in gold)

What happens to your skin when you’re out in the sun?: I tan, but can burn if I stay out too long.

During this time of the year, do you tend to go for a foundation shade that’s a bit darker or lighter than your skin?: Darker

Alright we get a little jealous, but let’s talk about your current everyday foundation. How do you usually apply it?: With a brush ( I use a BEAUTYBLENDER a lot, but lately I’ve been using a foundation brush)

How do you usually prep your skin before applying foundation?: Primer

How do you set your foundation?: I use powder and setting spray.

How often do you wear foundation?: All day every day.

Which foundation are you currently using? Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation Broad SPF 15 in shade Tan Sand

How long have you been using your current foundation?: Less than 6 months.

What are your biggest skin concerns?: Acne, redness, irritation, and/or sensitivity, enlarged pores.

What’s your age bracket?: 21-25

Age is the last question, after that you enter your email and the quiz matches you. The foundation and shade I got was ‘I Woke Up Like This’ in shade #105.

It chose this specific foundation for me because it minimizes pores, looks natural, and is good for your skin. They did say that even though I was looking for full coverage, this one is medium buildable. Which is fine, because honestly, it covered my skin pretty well with one coat.

When my package arrived, I was not expecting it. I mean, I was expecting to get something in the mail, but I wasn’t expecting it to look the way it did. Instead of a typical brown box, it came in this black bag with little bubble stamps on it, kind of like bubble wrap, and a quote that says “Minimalism is Dead.” I found this to be really cute, and it drew me in.

But, it’s what’s on the inside that really got me. The box itself is a matte black box that says “Il Makiage” on the bottom. On the inside, it says “Untraditional. Uncompromising. Undeniably Extra.” on the top flap.

On top, there was a sample of their No Filter primer, which I had no idea I was getting. Under that, was some confetti and the actual foundation box. I absolutely LOVE the way the foundation came. When you take off the top, the product itself is standing up, as if it’s some luxurious item. The bottle is glass, and it just FEELS expensive. You can tell it’s high quality, and I would probably pay $44 dollars for the packaging alone.

First, I used the No Filter primer it came with. On the packet, it says it’s supposed to mattify, blur imperfections, and create a flawless, silk canvas. One of my favorite primers is the Smashbox photo finish primer, and the consistency of the No Filter primer reminds me of it. It’s clear and gel-like, and feels light on the skin.

After the primer, I applied the foundation with the Tarte Aquaflash Foundation Brush. At first, I didn’t know there was a pump, so I untwisted the top and used the little wand to put some on my hand, as you can see in my YouTube video I recorded on this. I feel so stupid, because after I saw it pictured with a pump, I got confused. So I grabbed the bottle, pulled off the cap, and voila, a pump.

Anyway, here is my skin before the foundation, as you can see, it’s a little red and I have some breakouts on either side of my chin.


After applying the foundation with the Tarte Aquaflash brush, you can see that it’s a little light at first, but it oxidizes and gets darker. Once it sets, it matches my skin PERFECTLY. It doesn’t make me look orange, and it covers up the redness as well as my pores. It also has a matte finish, which is what I asked for. I also love how natural looking it is, and it doesn’t look cakey.


Besides foundation, Il Makiage also sells other products such as highlight and contour palettes, lipstick, and eyeshadow. I mainly shop at Sephora for my makeup, but I liked this foundation so much, I might shop from this brand again.

What are your thoughts on Il Makiage? Would you try the free foundation trial? Let me know in the comments!


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