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Hey Babes!

I’m a Daddy’s girl, and when it comes to Father’s Day, I always try to pick out the perfect gift, the one I know he’ll love, and not just because it’s from me. But, my dad is super hard to shop for, and, if your dad is anything like my dad, you’ll probably need a little bit of help deciding on what to get him. That’s why I created this Father’s Day gift guide. There’s a lot of great ideas on here, and it just might help you find an awesome gift.


1. Man Crates is the perfect place for all things men. They have jerky, beer, whiskey, cooking-related gifts, and much more. They even have projects such as a ‘build your own knife,’ kit which my dad really loved when I got it for him. The best part, is that a lot of the gift sets come in an actual crate, which your dad will have to open using the tool it comes with. How fun!

My top picks from Man Crates are this personalized whiskey crate, this grill master crate, and this watch making kit. All of these are really fun, but there’s plenty more options at








2. Personalized Razor from Etsy

I love this next gift so much, I actually want it for myself. It’s a personalized wooden razor from Etsy. You can customize the name/initials, and wood finish, which I think is really neat. For a razor without the engraving, it’s $41.00, and with the engraving is $51.00, but in my opinion, the engraving makes it extra special. It’s advertised as a Groomsmen gift, but I think it would make a great Father’s Day gift as well.



If you ordered this today, it might not get here in time for Father’s Day. But, you can always give it as a belated gift, and it’s so awesome, I’m sure your dad won’t mind. In my family, if a present is late, we usually print out a picture of it and attach a little note to it and wrap that, so that’s always an option too.


3. Uncommon Goods

The website Uncommon Goods is a good place to get, well, uncommon goods. You can shop by category, such as handmade, garden, or kitchen, or even shop by gender and age.  They even have a whole dad section you can browse. Some items they have include a whiskey and water decanter, golfer’s barbecue set, and a personalized record. All great gifts for Dad!





4. Designer Shirt

Since this is a fashion blog, I figured I should put at least ONE thing fashion related on this list. And that one thing is, a designer shirt. It’s pretty basic, but if your dad likes to dress nicely and is into clothes and/or designer brands, it’s a great option. Believe it or not, you can find some great options on Poshmark for way cheaper than the retail price. Some other options are this Givenchy logo shirt, this Gucci logo shirt, or this Balmain logo shirt.



5. Unique things from his favorite show

Does your dad have a particular interest in a certain show or movie? If so, you can get him something cool that goes along with the theme of that. I know my dad likes Star Trek, so one year we got him a Star Trek pizza cutter, cool right?

i think this Star Wars popcorn maker is pretty cool, or how about this mug with quotes from The Big Bang Theory?

Stores like Think Geek are great for items like this, just look at this Aladdin teapot in the shape of the Genie’s lamp! If you don’t have a Think Geek around you, or don’t want to order online, try looking for a local store that sells cool memorabilia. You might have to do a little bit of searching, but it’ll be worth it, and you might discover something really cool. I know Orlando has a lot of hidden gems, so your city might too!

If your dad doesn’t have a particular interest in a show or movie, but loves a certain sports team, you can use the same idea with that. Check out this Green Bay Packers “Best Dad” frame.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.36.15 PM




The theme of this post seems to be all about uniqueness, but that’s ok, because you should get something for your dad that is just as unique as he is.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Did you like any of these ideas?

Let me know in the comments!


dress well. eat well. live well.





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