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It’s always so exciting when a brand or person you love collaborates with another brand or person you love. For example Jaclyn Hill x Morphe, James Charles x Morphe, and Jeffree Star x Morphe. But, for this month’s beauty post, the collaboration I’m writing about isn’t a Morphe one, but a Sephora one. Moschino recently released a makeup line with Sephora, and it’s super cute! They’ve collaborated with Sephora before, releasing their signature brown bear shaped makeup palette, but this time, everything is school supplies themed.

Now, as cute as this is, Moschino has gotten a lot of backlash about this collab, the issue being they copied or stole an idea from another makeup brand called The Crayon Case. The Crayon Case is a beauty line that sells eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, brushes, eyeliner and more. All of their items are based off of old school crayon boxes and school supplies like sharpies and highlighters, much like the Moschino x Sephora 2019 collaboration.

Nevertheless, I did purchase some items from Mosichino’s collab, and I’m going to be reviewing them for you Babes right now! The first item I’m going to be talking about is the eyeshadow palette. The palette is shaped and opens like a laptop, hence the name the “Laptop Palette.” It reminds me of my MacBook Air because it is silver and lightweight. I don’t know if that’s the aesthetic they were going for or not, but I really like it. I don’t like, however, that much like my own computer, it gets dirty easily. I don’t know if it’s the material or what, but it’s not a good look.


Packaging aside, the colors themselves are really pigmented. Below are some swatches of the black shade on the top right of the palette, the cream shade on the top left of the palette, the aqua shade on the bottom left, and the green shade on the bottom right.




When you put them on your eyelid, it’s like magic, especially the darker colors. I love how they’re all shaped like keys on a keyboard, and my favorite color is the shimmery gold one shaped like a spacebar. Obviously, you get more of that shade than most of the other ones, but I don’t mind it. The colors in the middle on either side, which are supposed to be the ‘Caps Lock’, ‘Shift’, and ‘Enter’ keys are also a little bigger than the rest, but, if you’re not a fan of any of those colors, you might be disappointed.

If you’re wondering what the little bear shaped sponge at the bottom of the palette is, it’s not just decoration. Yes, it’s supposed to represent a mousepad, but it also acts as a sponge to clean your brushes after you use it. This is a really cool idea, and it actually works! Not so much for the darker shades, though.

Honestly, I think this is my favorite palette I own right now, it’s cute, has an innovative brush cleaner, and is super pigmented. You’ll see more of it when I review the brushes in a minute, but for now, you can get it in Sephora stores and the Sephora website for a limited time.


The second item I purchased from the Moschino + Sephora collection is the set of brushes shaped like pencils. Like the Laptop Palette, I really love this packaging as well. The brushes literally look like sharpened pencils, and the bigger the brush, the bigger the pencil. The “pencils” are also numbered 1-5, which is a nice little touch. Remember when you were in school and you HAD to use a ‘Number 2’ pencil to fill in the scantron?

The ‘Number 1’ pencil in this set is the foundation brush. To test it out, I applied the Dior Star foundation to half of my face. Since the brush is really wide, I found it hard to control where you’re putting the product, and it was hard to get it in smaller areas such as under your eyes. It would probably be better for powder. Even though the brush is soft and applied the product nicely, I think I’m going to stick to my Beautyblender.


The ‘Number 2’ pencil in this set is the blush brush. To test this one, I used another collaboration in my makeup collection: the BECCA x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq Bronze Blush and Glow Palette. This isn’t the best quality blush I own, but it will do. Besides, we’re testing the brush, not the blush.

I used the Moschino brush to apply the bottom left blush shade over the Dior foundation, and you can see the results below.





I did the makeup a little heavy, but trust me, the blush does not look this pink in person. It looks a lot more natural in real life. However, the product was super easily to apply, and pretty easy to blend. I definitely like the brush better than the foundation brush.

The ‘Number 3’ brush in the set is the crease brush, and the ‘Number 4’ brush is the shadow brush. I tested these by using ‘#4’ and placing the second shade from left in the top row all over my lid, and then I used ‘#3’ to place the brown shade two shades over to the right in my crease.



I really like these brushes. The product is easy to apply and goes on quite nicely, and not only that, the brushes make it super easy to blend! The only downside is that they’re a little fatter than some of my other eyeshadow brushes, and the ridged edges might may make them a little hard to hold, but once you get used to how they feel, it’s smooth sailing from there.


Last but not least, is ‘Number 5,’ the angled liner brush. I used this brush to smoke out my waterline with the gold spacebar color and the other gold color that is in the top row next to the black shade. I honestly have no complaints.



Overall, I love this palette, and besides the foundation brush, the brushes work quite well! You can get the Moschino + Sephora Laptop Palette and Pencil Brush Set right now exclusively at Sephora! Hurry before it’s gone!


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