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In last week’s TBT post, I took you back to the 80’s with a rockin’ hair tutorial. This week, we’re going back a little further, ten years to be exact. That’s right, the 70’s! Besides tie-dye, another staple from the era is bell bottoms. Bell bottoms, also known as wide leg or flare jeans, are one of the most remembered fashion trends from that time.

If you’re not familiar with bell bottoms, they are pants that are very wide at the bottom near your foot, hence the term ‘wide leg.’ If you’ve ever seen That 70’s Show, the character’s are often seen wearing these types of pants.






For awhile, bell bottoms were out of style. Any store with a wide selection of jeans still sold them, but you rarely saw people wearing them. But, over the past three years or so, flared pants have slowly been on the rise, and they have fully made their comeback here in 2019.

And, you won’t just find these styles in denim, they’re also found in other materials as well, like a silky black and blue pair I own from The Copper Closet. I love pairing them with a black crop top and black fringed pointed toe booties I got from Target, the colors match perfectly, and I think any pointed toe shoe with bell bottoms is a LOOK.


Speaking of my black fringed pointed toe booties from Target, they also look great with my blue denim bell bottoms from Fashion Nova. I love these jeans because they’re comfortable and they stretch. They were a little tight at first, but after awhile they conformed to my body. I feel like these ran a bit small, because I went two sizes up and they were still a little snug, so keep that in mind if you ever order jeans from Fashion Nova.

For an awesome 70’s look, I paired these jeans with a Rolling Stones tank (similar here) and my round gold Ray-Bans.



How do you feel about bell bottoms? Are you going to rock this trend in 2019?


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