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Hey Babes!


When you’re a girl on the go, life can be tough to manage. Constantly going from one place to another hardly leaves anytime for self-care, and the last thing you want to feel is ugly.

Currently, I’m working two jobs AND trying to get blog posts up multiple times a week, and let me tell you, it’s not easy. I may be tired and worn out, but I don’t want to look like it. Ever since I discovered this on-the-go makeup routine that I’m going to share with you Babes, things have been a lot easier. I may not have two hours every morning to do a dramatic look, but this new routine of mine, allows me to keep a fresh face. I love it because it’s simple, looks natural, and best of all, every product fits into my handy dandy travel makeup bag!



1. Prime

The two most important steps in my on-the-go routine are primer and setting spray. I want my makeup to last, and it will last a lot longer if I prime it and set it. For primer (and setting spray), I use the MAC Fix+ Prep and Prime. It reminds me of the Smashbox  Photo Finish Primer Water, but I feel like the Fix+ works a lot better. Not to mention that it feels refreshing on your face, and smells good!

The cool thing about Fix+ is that it has multiple uses. Not only is it a primer, but it also can be used as a setting spray, makeup remover, and a refreshing pick me up for when you’re feeling down and/or sweaty. A multi-use product like this is great for on the go because your makeup bag won’t feel cluttered, and it’s less you have to carry with you. It even comes in a travel size, which is cheaper, and fits better in your makeup bag.



2. Liquid Foundation

The second step in my on-the-go makeup routine is liquid foundation. I’ve used a few different ones in the past month, including the Il Makiage Woke Up Like This, Dior Studio Skin Foundation, and the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW, but since I ran out of the other two, I’ve been using the Benefit one. This product looks light at first, but it gets darker and matches my skin tone pretty well. The Dior foundation matches my skin a little better, but I like the Benefit because it doesn’t feel heavy and is full coverage, just what I need!

To apply it, I use a damp Beautyblender. Remember that Fix+ I just mentioned? It works like a charm if you don’t have access to water to wet your sponge. I like to spray a few spritzes of my Fix+ on my Beautyblender if I’m doing my makeup in the car.



3. Powder Foundation

To set the liquid foundation, I use the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder foundation in shade 127. By using a powder over the liquid, I get even more coverage, my makeup lasts longer, and personally, I get a better match and a more even finish. To apply it, I use the MAC 150 powder brush, it’s one of my favorites! It applies the product evenly, but my only complaint is that it sheds, so I have to watch out for black bristles on my face.


4. Contour and Highlight

This is probably my favorite step of any makeup routine. When I contour and highlight, I feel POWERFUL, there’s nothing like a snatched jawline. For highlighting, I usually like shimmery finishes, like Becca’s Champagne Pop or Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb, but for my on-the-go routine, I get my contour and highlight shades all in the same palette: Kat Von D’s Shade + Light. As you can see from the picture below, I’m almost out of a lot of the shades, but the cool thing about this palette is that it is refillable, so you can order the shades you need without having to buy a whole new palette.

To contour, I use the Tarte Pretty Things and Fairy Wings contouring brush, rub it across all three brown shades in the Shade + Light, and apply it in small circular motions on my cheeks, temples, top of my forehead, jawline, and the sides of my nose. Normally, I would use only the middle shade, but since I’m running out, using all three helps me get enough product on the brush without it looking too dark. By applying it in circular motions, I get a blended look instead of just a brown streak across my face.

To highlight, I take my Fenty Beauty highlighting brush, dip it into the top middle highlighting shade, and apply the product on my cheek bones, middle of my forehead, middle of my nose, chin, and cupid’s bow. I love the Fenty Beauty highlighting brush because it’s angled, which makes it really easy to apply the highlight. The matte finish of the Shade + Light also gives a more natural look, which is perfect for this routine!



5. Translucent Powder

To even everything out, I use the same MAC brush that I applied the powder foundation with, and put a layer of translucent powder over my face. Right now, I’m using the Huda Beauty Baking Powder in Pound Cake, but I really prefer the Laura Mercier setting powder. The Huda powder is alright, but it’s a little thick, and tends to seperate throughout the day leaving my pores look huge and my foundation looking cakey, especially when I put it over concealer, which I don’t use in this specific routine. It does smell nice though.

Ideally, I would use a different brush to apply this, like the Real Techniques blush brush, but if I just wipe off the MAC brush it does the job. It’s also less items that I have to carry around with me.



6. Mascara + Eyebrows

For eyes, all I do is some mascara. One of my favorites is the Lights, Camera, Lashes from Tarte. It makes my lashes long and luscious, and it doesn’t flake. Like the MAC Fix+ spray, the Lights, Camera, Lashes, also comes in a travel size, which is cheaper, but is also great to have in your on-the-go makeup bag.

For brows, I just fill them in really quickly using the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I really like the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade, but because you need a separate brush, a pencil is best for travel. Another good thing about the pencil is that it also comes in a travel size. For a tutorial on filling in your brows, click here.



7. Lipstick

At any given time, there’s about 5 shades of lipstick in my bag, but there’s three signature colors that I tend to use the most. They are Kat Von D’s Ever Lasting Lipstick in shades Outlaw and Bow N Arrow, and Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood. I like to match them to my outfits, and these shades match the most often. I also carry the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in shade Fenty Glow with me, just in case, for whatever reason, I don’t feel like wearing a dark color on my lips, or want a more natural look. Sometimes, I put it over my lipstick for a glossy finish, and it looks amazing!


8. Setting Spray

The last step is the same as the first. All I do is set everything with the MAC Fix+ Prep and Prime. Like I mentioned in the first step, it’s refreshing and makes my makeup lasts for hours. It even got through a workout!





Are you a girl on the go? LMK what you think of this routine!


dress well. eat well. live well.



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