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We all know that fashion trends happen in a cycle. Things go out of style for awhile, and then suddenly make a comeback years later. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of styles come back from the 90’s/early 2000’s, and millennial are reliving their childhood.

Being a millennial myself, I’ve talked a lot about trends from my childhood in my TBT posts, including Lisa Frank, Baby Phat, and hair clips. Today, I’m going to talk about another one: camouflage. When I was little, camo was all the rage. Besides the standard green, it also came in colors like blue and pink. In middle school, I remember I had a camouflage cross body bag that I wore around my waist like a fanny pack. Sooooooooo trendy. Anyway, back in 2016, we saw camo come back, and by the looks of the models on the Fall 2019 runway, it’ll be back this upcoming season.

Camouflage isn’t my favorite trend, but I absoluetly adore this three quarter sleeved green camo dress from Francesca’s. Wear it with over the knee boots and a bomber jacket, and you’ll be fall-ready. For a more summery look, I would pair it with some brown booties from Target, but, in the fall, I’m going to wear it with black tights, black over the knee boots from Belk, and a black bomber around my waist, also from Francesca’s.



Below are some ideas for how you can wear camouflage this fall.



In look one above, you can see I paired some denim camouflage pants with a white crop and bomber jacket, along with a layered necklace and black sneakers. Since the top has a low neckline, the first layer of the necklace will look great with it. Another type of top that would look great with the necklace is a turtleneck, either sleeveless or sleeved.

If you want, you could also tie the bomber jacket around your waist, similar to what I did with my Francesca’s jacket. For a dressier look, you could wear this outfit with heels instead of sneakers.



Look number two is a little edgier, combining a graphic tee with leather pants and a sequined camouflage jacket, topped off with a pair of platform booties. If I were to wear this, I would definitely tie the shirt in a knot to show a hint of skin and make it slightly more fashionable. You can read about the knot here.



This third look is really similar to my own camouflage outfit that I showcased in the beginning of this post. It features a camouflage scarf, a black long sleeved dress, patterned tights, over the knee boots, and a head wrap.

If you wanted to, you could wear a black skirt and top, and/or wear solid tights. There’s also multiple ways to wear scarves, which I’m planning to write a post about later in the fall, so stay tuned for that. Another idea is to ditch the black head wrap and wear the camo scarf on your head.


With fall right around the corner, it looks like camouflage is going to be in season, and these three looks should have given you a little inspiration for some awesome cool-weather looks. I know I can’t wait to bust out my boots again!


How would YOU style camouflage? What is your favorite look from this post? Let me know in the comments!


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