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Hey Babes!

With school back in session, you’re probably wondering what the heck you can wear to look cute and stay in dress code. Last year, I did a post on some dress code friendly outfits that you can wear to school. This year, I’m writing something similar, but instead of the outfit itself, it focuses on certain pieces you can wear to look stylish without getting written up.


1. Patterned Pants


At a lot of schools, the dress code doesn’t allow shorts, skirts, and dresses, above mid-thigh. This can especially tough if you’re tall, because things look shorter on you than they would on someone else, which is the problem I dealt with. Also, since it’s not quite fall yet, the weather is still warm, and wearing jeans and/or pencil skirts can be uncomfortable because they stick to your body when you’re under the sun.

To get around this, you can wear some loose and lightweight patterned pants to school, like these purple and yellow striped pants from Charming Charlie. Pants like these won’t stick to your skin in the heat when you’re walking from class to class, or if it happens to be hot in the classroom you’re sitting in for an hour. And, they’re dress code friendly!

I paired the pants I just mentioned with a white blouse also from Charming Charlie. This top has a tie in the front, and is lightweight as well as sleeved, so even though it’s thin, it still fits in with the dress code. To spice up this outfit, I added a lacy white headband around my head. I feel like this gives the look a more boho vibe, and there’s a front slit in the pant legs that’s perfect for showing off your shoes.



2. Cute Cardigan


I hate the ‘four finger rule.’ You know, where your tank top has to be the width of four fingers in order to wear it. It’s really hard to find a tank top that is the width of four adult fingers, and if you have some spaghetti strapped tanks in your closet that you’re just dying to wear, you can always wear a cute cardigan over it. Even though it isn’t quite fall, retailers are already busting out their merchandise for the upcoming season, so now is a great time to find some awesome cardis.

This purple striped dress from Charming Charlie pushes the limit a little when it comes to the four finger rule, so that’s why I put a simple black cardigan from Forema over it. It also looks great with a pair of Doc Martens and a belt around the waist. You can even put the belt over the cardigan to secure it.


This paisley printed cardigan from Charming Charlie is not only super cute, but, you can tie the ends in the front to make it more like a shirt. I paired it with the same white blouse as in the first photo, my white headband, and a black pencil skirt from Target.

I feel like the cardigan and headband turn this outfit from business casual to edgy and on-trend.



3. Tie-Front Shirts

Another way around sleeveless tops is tie-front shirts. Tie-front shirts are shirts that you’re able to tie in a knot or a bow in the front, and if you wear them right, they’re super cute!

In one of my previous posts, I feature an outfit where I’m wearing a tie-font top. I believe I paired it under a black crop top, but in this post, I’m going to take this black and white tie front top from Charming Charlie and pair it with a white lace up bodysuit and the black pencil skirt from Target.



You’re probably wondering why most of the clothing in this post is from Charming Charlie, and that’s because unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy, and that means they are selling everything in the store. Fixtures, merchandise, everything. While it’s not so great for them, it’s awesome for you because EVERYTHING in the store is now currently 25% off! So my advice to you is to get to your nearest store ASAP (if it’s still open) and score some awesome deals like I did.

Anyway, I hope you Babes found this dress code post helpful, let me know what you think!


dress well. eat well. live well.



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