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I go to the gym pretty frequently. I try to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but, even though my work schedule doesn’t always allow for me to follow that routine, I still go whenever I can. And, when I do go, I always make sure my gym outfit is up to my style standards. Even though you may be sweating your butt off, you can still look cute while doing so. Below are some of my favorite gym outfits and pieces that keep me feeling confident while I’m working out.

1. Cropped Hoodie

I think this first gym outfit is my absolute fave. I recently got this fleece zebra cropped hoodie from Victoria’s Secret, and it’s so comfy! I love this because it’s great for both lounging around and working out. To the gym, I wear it with some black Victoria’s Secret sports leggings, a black plunging sports bra, and a velvet BCBG baseball cap. I bought it a little big so that it falls off the shoulder and shows off my sports bra. I also like to roll up the sleeves three times so that I’m not sweating to death, and, in my opinion, it looks cuter that way. If you get hot easily, or do a really intense work out, you can pair it with bike shorts or other athletic shorts so that you aren’t burning up by the time you are done.





2. Graphic Tee/Tank

There are so many ways you can wear a graphic tee. I like to wear this PINK 1986 cropped tank to the gym a lot, and I like it because it’s lightweight and you can show off your bra. Some other graphic shirts I like to wear are this one that says “Running With My Woes,” and this one that says “Pug Life.” I usually pair them with leggings and a hat, which is basically the silhouette of all my gym outfits.




3. Knotted Shirt

Whenever I wear a t-shirt that’s a little to big, I love to knot it. Knotting your shirt is not only stylish nowadays, but it’s a great way to keep you cool at the gym. I love to knot this Los Angeles tank that I got in LA. It’s lightweight, and it’s really easy to knot! Another shirt I love to knot is a black tee I got from Aerie. It is also super easy to knot and gives it a little something extra.




4. Cap

If you haven’t noticed, my black velvet BCBG baseball cap is in most of my gym outfits. But, a huge trend right now is baseball caps with sayings on them, like this “Dog Mother Wine Lover” one from Charming Charlie. I like to wear this cap when I walk my dog or take him to the dog park, but it’s great for the gym as well. I love pairing it with a white tee and orange Lululemon workout pants.




5. College Gear

No matter where you are, there’s nothing like repping your college, alma mater, or favorite sports team. Even though I graduated from Florida State University in December 2017, I still have TONS of FSU gear that I love to wear, and one of my favorite places to sport it is at the gym. I love this long sleeved crop from PINK that I got last year while shopping in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s comfy and loose so it’s great for working out. My newest addition to my Florida State apparel collection is this tie-dye crop from PINK that says “Fear the Spear” with a football on it. Pair it with leggings and a baseball cap and you’ll be good to go!

Since my family is from Wisconsin, I’m a big Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers fan also, so I have plenty of that gear too. I love wearing a Wisconsin Badgers cropped tee that is similar to the FSU tie-dye on I just mentioned. The Wisconsin one is also from PINK, and speaking of PINK, they have an awesome collegiate line with super cute merchandise so you can rep your school in style. You can find all the schools they offer here, but if you go to a store in person, the selection is going to depend on the area you’re in. For example, here in Orlando, Florida, the PINK stores have University of Central Florida merch, but in other cities like Tallahassee, Florida, they have Florida State.


6. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts were originally meant for athletic activities, but now that they are a major trend, it doesn’t matter where you where them! And, you can find them in all sorts of colors and patterns, like these snakeskin ones from Nasty Gal. I like to wear these with a thin knotted tank and my BCBG baseball cap. This gym outfit is nice, because it’s light, so you’ll be able to keep cool while burning calories.



If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the pieces I mentioned overlap with my outfits. Like the bike shorts with a knotted shirt and a hat. The gym can be intimidating, but by combining a lot of these pieces, I feel a lot more confident and less self-conscious about the others around me.

Let me know what you think of these pieces/outfit combos, and in the words of Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands! They just don’t.”


dress well. eat well. live well.



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