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Hey Babes!

It’s time to bust out your favorite boots! Living in Florida, you would think I own tons of sandals and flip flops, but honestly, I own more boots and booties than anything. All of the ankle boots I own have a heel, and I love that because they’re more comfortable to wear than something like pumps, and they don’t hurt my feet. I can wear them to work and spend hours on my feet without feeling sore or getting blisters.

However, even though I wear my booties year-round, I don’t bring out some of my favorite pairs of boots until fall and winter, like my Doc Martens. Doc Martens are really on-trend right now, and in this post, I’m going to show you how to style them.


1. Mom Jeans

I love, love, LOVE my mom shorts, and I never want them to go out of style. However, this fall season, I’m going to be busting out my mom JEANS. I think mom jeans go really well with Doc Martens, they give you a super vintage/90’s feel, and we all know that style is in right now. Skinny jeans work too, but if you’re going to wear a pair of these iconic boots, I would stay away from flared styles. The wide leg at the bottom will take away from your shoes, and it will look like there’s a lot going on down at your feet.

I adore these dark wash distressed mom jeans from Forever 21, they’re the perfect amount of high waist, and they even came with a skinny black belt that match my Doc Martens perfectly. It’s a great look, and they go so well with this mustard tank also from Forever 21.



2. Overalls

I’ve written a post on how to style overalls before, but that was more about to wear under them, not what shoes and/or accessories to wear with them. And, speaking of shoes and accessories to wear with overalls, I would absolutely pair a pair of Doc Martens with them. Another 90’s look! For an ultra-90’s outfit, I paired my new favorite graphic tee with them, as you can see in the picture below.



3. Leggings

Ok, for a comfy fall look, leggings are my go-to, and it doesn’t get more ‘fall’ than leggings and boots, so why not wear your favorite pair of Docs with your favorite pair of leggings, am I right?

The cool thing about Doc Martens is that they come in a variety of styles and patterns, like floral and bedazzled, so if you think your sparkly Doc Martens would be too much with overalls, black leggings are perfect for making your shoes pop.


4. Dress

In this year’s dress code post, I featured my Doc Martens with a purple and black striped dress from Charming Charlie, and it looks great! You could also do a black bodycon dress with patterned tights along with your Doc Martens like I did below, or you could even do a body suit and a skirt.


5. Over-Sized Sweater

Over-sized sweaters, like this gray fleece one from Victoria’s Secret, are my FAVORITE. And over-sized sweater with some jean shorts and Doc Marten boots is such a look! In my opinion, it’s fashionably comfy. The Victoria’s Secret sweater isn’t supposed to fit like this, but I bought it a few sizes too big on purpose so that it would be extra loose and still over-sized if it shrinks in the wash.



How would you style a pair of Doc Martens? Let me know in the comments!


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