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Ugly sweaters are meant to be, well, ugly. But, you can still make even the ugliest, bulkiest, most obnoxious Christmas sweater look cute if you style it right. I have a few tips up the sleeve of my own ugly sweater that should give you some ideas on what to wear with them.

When it gets cold outside, it’s important to take advantage of layering so you don’t freeze to death, or in a Floridian’s case, burn up by mid-day. If you do it right, layering your clothes looks super cute, and gives your outfit some pizazz. I love throwing cardigans over crop tops, but when it comes to an ugly sweater, you can put a button up (or other long sleeved shirt), or turtleneck underneath so that it peaks out through the collar and sleeves. You can see examples of this in the two looks I created below.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.35.16 AMScreen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.34.56 AM



In the second look, you can see there is a pair of distressed jeans, which is another great way to style an ugly sweater. Since a lot of ugly sweaters are so decorative and have so much going on, you won’t want to add much else to the top. A simple watch or pair of earrings will do, but wearing a necklace will be too much and takes away from the original design. If you opt out of the necklace and wear a garment such as distressed jeans, you will have a balanced look. This is especially good if you don’t want to appear top heavy, especially since most ugly Christmas sweaters tend to be bulky.


A third tip for making a cute outfit with your ugly Christmas sweater is to color match. Look at the colors in your sweater and add accessories such as hats and shoes accordingly. In the look below, I paired white bell bottoms with the green reindeer sweater to match the white detailing on the top and bottom. For a 70’s vibe, I added  a pair of red platform heels and a white newsboy cap, which I think is a really unique look.

As you can see, I also followed this concept in the other two looks above, matching with the black in the first look and the red in the second look.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.43.20 AM



To put these tips in action, I paired my favorite ugly Christmas sweater, or vest, with a white bell sleeve shirt from Lizard Thicket. I really like how the necklines of the two pieces line up together and how the red pops against the white. The bell sleeves are also fashion-forward and make a cute statement.





Still in search for the perfect ugly sweater? Check out Target, they have an awesome selection of ugly sweaters to choose from. Another good option is Amazon, where you can find literally anything.

What kind of ugly sweater are you wearing (or wanting to wear) this year? How are you going to style it?


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