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Some people are harder to shop for than others, such as dads and other guys. And with only nine days left until Christmas, you’re running out of time to do your shopping. But what exactly DO you get the fashionista of your family? In case you want to get them something a little more personal than a gift card to their favorite store, I’ve created a list of twelve gift items that will be sure to make the special fashionista in your life very happy.




1. The LuMee Phone Case

This first item on my gift guide is one that I would highly recommend for anyone who’s obsessed with taking selfies, often looks for the best lighting, or is always trying to capture that perfect Insta-worthy moment. In my case, I’m all three, which is why I invested in a LuMee phone case.

The LuMee is a phone case that has a built in selfie light, and, depending on which model you get, a back light to illuminate any photo you are trying to take. I speak from experience when I say that it actually REALLY works, and is totally worth the $80 price point. For proof, go check out the in-depth review I wrote while back. It has everything you need to know about the case, as well as before and after pictures to support my claims. Honestly, the LuMee was probably one of the best purchases I made this year, and I’m sure the fashionista you are shopping for will appreciate it as well.


2. Faux Leopard Coat

Every fashionista knows that leopard print is a major trend right now, so that’s why this Jennifer Lopez Faux Fur Jacket from Kohl’s is a great gift for the girl (or guy) in your life that is always up-to-date on the trends. The best part is that the price is now only $58 instead of the original $78, and if you order it online by Christmas Day using the code ‘SAVE’ you get an extra 15% off!

This piece is another item from this gift guide that I actually own, and it looks very luxurious. This coat definitely makes statement and the person wearing it will definitely turn heads walking down the street.


3. Personalized Name Necklace 

One thing that’s currently trending that is somewhat personal is name necklaces. You know, the gold ones that have a name or word written in cursive. I know these were popular in the 90’s, and any fashionista will tell you that the 90’s are back baby.

This would be a great gift from a significant other because you can personalize the name to a nickname, sweet message, or inside joke. Personally, if I were to get one of these necklaces, I would put my dog’s name. Call me crazy, but I consider him my child and I love him to death.

There’s a lot of places you can find these, with the price ranging anywhere from $20-$150, depending on the quality. The one I have pictured is from Amazon, and it’s only $39.95, but the thing about buying something like this online is that you won’t know how good the quality is until you receive it in the mail. It could be pretty decent, or it could be super cheap and break after one wear, so, before placing your order, be sure to do your research and shop around.


4. Felt Hat

As you may have noticed, I wear my black felt panama hat from Altar’d State in well over half of my outfits. My mom is sick of seeing my hat everywhere, but I don’t think I’m going to retire it any time soon. My specific hat was a great summer to fall transition piece because I could wear it with a sundress, or I could wear it with boots and a sweater. It also matches my boho aesthetic perfectly. The hat I have pictured isn’t the same hat I own, but it is similar, and you can get it at LuLu’s for only $24. A hat like this is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and in my opinion, is a staple. Like my Altar’d State hat, the red one from LuLu’s is also very versatile and is suitable for multiple seasons.


5. Michael Kors Smart Watch

You don’t have to be fashionista to know that smart watches, especially the Apple Watch, are the new hot item. I remember a few years ago, about 2015-ish, when it was somewhat rare to see an Apple Watch on someone’s wrist, and when I did, I was like ‘oh, they’re one of those.’  Fast Forward to 2019, and Apple Watches, along with other smart watches, are really common. Even though there’s more than enough options for the band of the Apple Watch, I have never really been fond of the way the square case looks. However, when Michael Kors came out with his own version of a smart watch, I was immediately drawn to it and had to have it. Besides handbags, one of the things Michael Kors is known for is watches, so it only makes sense that the brand released a smart watch to compete with other brands.

Compared to the Apple Watch, the Michael Kors one doesn’t look as tech-y, and looks more like a classic watch. However, the downside to it looking pretty is that features are more limited if the user has an iPhone instead of an Android, such as listening to music, although it is still really convenient to have on your wrist.

Overall, while the Apple Watch is more functional, the Michael Kors watch is more stylish, and if the person receiving this gift is more on the feminine side, this would be a perfect gift for them.


6. Coach Belt Bag

Remember when I said the 90’s are back? There’s another major trend right now that backs up my claim, and that is the belt bag aka the fanny pack. For the scoop, you can check out my post about the belt bag here. Since fanny packs aren’t just for tacky tourists anymore, a lot of designer brands and major retailers are selling very cute, stylish, fashion forward options, like this Coach T-Rex and carriage belt bag at Macy’s. This is an awesome deal, because it’s currently 30% off until the 16th, and, you will get $20 in Macy’s money ($10 for every $50 spent) you can use on your next purchase.


7. Ray-Bans

If you know me, you know I like to consider myself a Ray-Ban snob. Almost every pair of sunglasses I own are Ray-Bans, and I love them because I feel like I look really good in them. Ray-Bans are a classic, and with so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect pair to gift your favorite fashionista. The pair I have pictured are the Hexagonal Flat Lenses, which are similar to my round gold ones, except they are a hexagon shape and not a circle. If you know someone that spends a lot of money on pair after pair of cheap sunglasses, a designer pair would be a really nice gift.


8. Go Big or Go Home Mascara by Kat Von D

Having long, luscious, voluminous lashes is one of the major beauty trends right now. I always see ads for mascaras that claim to give you the look of eyelash extensions or falsies, but who knows if they really work. However, one of my favorite beauty brands, Kat Von D, recently released a mascara called “Go Big or Go Home” that is exclusive to Sephora. I don’t own this mascara personally, but I did test it out at my last trip to Sephora, and I have to say I’m going to purchase it as soon as possible because it was just that amazing. From what I remember, this mascara made my lashes long and luscious, as well as added volume. I instantly put it on my wish-list. If the person you’re shopping for is into beauty just as much as fashion, and they’re always looking for the newest product to test out, this would be a great gift.


9. Monogrammed Scarf

Want to give a gift that’s a little more personal? Try a monogrammed scarf. In my opinion, scarves are the perfect winter accessory, and this plaid monogrammed one from Etsy is something unique that only they will have. All you have to do is choose the color scarf you want, the thread color, and insert the initials you want embroidered. Plaid is also a major trend right now, so not only is this scarf personal, but it is right on trend.


10. Doc Martens

Speaking of major trends, when it comes to shoes, Doc Martens are really hot right now. I happen to own a classic black pair, but there are all kinds of styles including glitter and floral. For ideas on how to wear them, check out my post here.


11. Jewelry Holder/Organizer

Most likely, the fashionista in your life has more than enough jewelry and accessories, but do they have somewhere to put it all? If the answer to this question is no, gifting them a jewelry holder or organizer would be a great idea. There are plenty of options out there, but I found this wooden one on Amazon for $59.95. It is eligible for prime as well, so if you order it now, you won’t have to worry about getting it after Christmas. I like this particular jewelry holder because it is large and spacious, and has folding doors to protect your jewelry.


12. Shoe Shaped Chair

One thing I love besides fashion and beauty is home decor, and I found a great gift for any fashionista that feels the same: A leopard print shoe shaped chair. Animal print has been a MAJOR trend for awhile now, so why not give them a gift to spice up their home space? This chair is really convenient because it has a built in storage bin, and it’s only $107. This would be a perfect spot to blog, do homework, or just chill out.


I hope that anyone reading this found this guide helpful, and was inspired to find the perfect gift. What was your favorite on the list? What are you most likely to purchase as a gift?


dress well. eat well. live well.



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