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Hey Babes!


The year, and the decade, may be over, but it doesn’t look like animal print is going anywhere anytime soon. This is a trend that followed us into a new decade, and I bet five years from now we will be saying what the HECK were we thinking?!?

Anyway, one of my first outfits of this year/decade is a snakeskin one. And, I’m not wearing just one snakeskin piece, but THREE. Normally I would say that this would be too much of one print, but, I think I pulled this one off.







On top, I’m wearing a brown and black button down snakeskin shirt that I got from Charming Charlie before they went out of business. I love the material of this shirt because it is lightweight and comfortable, and perfect for layering without getting too hot. Speaking of which, under this shirt, I am wearing a strappy bathing suit top from Victoria’s Secret. The v-neck cut of the snakeskin shirt is perfect for letting the bathing suit top peak through, and you would probably never guess that it was a piece made for swimming in.

On the bottom, I’m wearing a pair of black snakeskin leggings from Marshall’s. The print is very subtle, not something you’d be able to see in a dimly lit room. However, if the print was a little louder and/or more colorful, I probably couldn’t have made the double snakeskin look good. The leggings are also black, which matches the top I’m wearing. If the pants were more blue or silvery, I don’t think they would have looked good.

In my opinion, the third piece, this black and silver snakeskin cuff from CATO, doesn’t really match the overall outfit too well, but I still thought it’d be a nice little touch, along with my favorite hat from Altar’d State and my mini black Christian Siriano backpack.









What do you think of this look?


dress well. eat well. live well.



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